June 21st, 2013
8:44 AM CST -
This weekend from Saturday June 22 at 8am EST until 8am EST on Sunday June 23 9.95 Phil will be running his annual 24 hour charity stream on the Kombat Network channel on Twitch TV. They'll be playing lots of games, not just fighting games, and will be featuring guest spots by many members of the community. You'll even be able to donate to charity to play some of the guests! All money raised goes to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and The Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Here's the event details in full below:

Why do we fight?

Some of us fight for fun. Some for competition. Some to settle scores.

As gamers...as fighters...we carry a stigma that we are rooted in violence...that what we love to do...to fight...breeds violence.

Its time to destroy that stigma.

For 24 hours, on June 22nd 8am EST to June 23rd 8am EST we will drop the beef, the drama, and the politics. We will stand together and do what we love to do...we will fight...to raise money for charity.

We will be #FightingForACause

Join us on the KombatNetwork stream as we talk, play games (fighting and non-fighting) as we support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Families of SMA(Spinal Muscular Atrophy) for a full 24 hours.

Viewers are welcome to support with monetary donations which can be made directly to the organization. Donation pages will be created for the event with links that will be promoted throughout the broadcast, as well as donating directly to the KombatNetwork paypal which will be made available for gift donations to be distributed to the charities following the stream.

Our successful formula is based heavily on our Donation Matches. This gives our viewers the ability to play donation matches against the players who are at the stream in an online match in the game of their choice. Usually, MK9, Injustice, MK1/2/3, but we always let people play the games they want to play against the players that are there.

The pricing structure for donation matches:

Best 2 out of 3:$5
First to 5: $10
First to 10: $20

We accommodate both systems as best we can. MK9, Injustice and the classic MK games are all ready and available on PS3 and 360. AE is available on both systems as well.

Hosted by 995Phil, along with Co-hosts REO and Tom Brady, with special guests to appear as well.

We are expecting:

CDJr - accepting donation match challenges
JamessMK - will be accepting donation match challenges in MK1/2 and possibly UMK3
SweetJohnnyCage - will be doing a special Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past speed run for us(6pm Saturday)
LI Joe(waiting on confirmation)
Claude VonStroke
Dark Rob

and possibly more!

And as always, Mrs. 9.95 will be providing the players and hosts with homemade baked goods!

Come and join us... http://twitch.tv/kombatnetwork on June 22nd 8am EST to June 23rd 8am EST... watch, support and donate. Be a part of showing that when we fight we are #FightingForACause!

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