June 4th, 2013
8:54 AM CST -
According to Major Nelson's website today is the release date of Scorpion for Injustice on Xbox Live and PlayStation 3.

Unfortunately according to Ed Boon it appears it's only available for the Season Pass Holders until next week on Tuesday June 11th. Before anyone gets up in arms, this is likely due to a marketplace issue because of how that content is setup on the console service side you'll have to wait til next Tuesday when they update their marketplace store content.

Also the Patch 1.04 notes have been released by NetherRealm, check them out below:

General Fixes

- Added Scorpion Gameplay Functionality. (NOTE: Scorpion character available now to Season Pass holders; Available 6/11 for purchase)
- Fixed issues where the game camera was obscured during Batgirl’s Supermove when the opponent was in a corner
- Human players can now correctly perform a wakeup on the first available frame
- General Online Stability Improvements
- Adjusted Frame Data for Block Advantage on Multiple Hit Moves
- Additional Miscellaneous Frame Data Fixes

Character Balance Improvements

The Flash
- With the “release check” option set to “on” in the controller configuration screen, we resolved an issue where The Flash would automatically perform the Sonic Pound special move when he was in the Running Man stance.
- The Flash can now enhance his Lightning Charge special move with a Meter Burn option if the opponent blocks.

- Hawkgirl’s Mace Charge attack had its block advantage reduced to -4. The Mace Charge Meter Burn is now an overhead attack and hits crouching opponents more consistently.

Killer Frost
- Reduced the hit advantage on Killer Frost’s daggers when being performed at point blank range to +4 (from +9)

- Deathstroke’s Sword Jump now correctly works as a wakeup attack.

Also available today on Xbox 360 is the Red Son 2 Pack (Batman, Green Lantern, Deathstroke) and the Blackest Night Pack 1 (Superman, Doomsday and The Flash) are also both available for 240 MS Points or $2.99 on PSN when it's likely released next week. Take a look at this video below courtesy of Left Stick Down for a closer look at these new skins packs:

Initial Post: Also the Blackest Night 1 skins are seriously broken right now, they likely need the game's title update patch in order to function.

Update 10:21am CT: Getting reports that the Compatibility Pack and new Skins Pack is no longer there for some people. I still see them, including the one I can't download. Stay tuned.

Updated 1:00pm CT: Word is some users are seeing the Injustice Title Update for Xbox 360. It fixes the Blackest Night skin issues and word is Scorpion will show in the menu properly as well with our without the Season Pass. Now just need the Xbox Marketplace to fix the content problems they are having.

Updated 2:30pm CT: PS3 1.04 Scorpion DLC compatibility patch is up (533 MB). Scorpion is not in the DLC menu right now but is unlocked for Season Pass holders.

Updated 4:45pm CT: Everything is back to normal on Xbox 360 now in North America. Both Scorpion and Red Son 2 packs work now. Just waiting on the PSN Store to update their game content now for Injustice.

Updated 8:30pm CT: Added the patch notes. Sadly it seems according to Ed Boon non Season Pass holders will not able to get Scorpion. This is likely due to a marketplace issue because of how that content is setup on the console side you'll have to wait til next Tuesday.

Reader Komments from the TRMK Forums:

June 4th, 2013 9:04 AM CST - xiphi
In general, There seems to be quite a few issues with XBL today as far as DLC and DotW goes.
June 4th, 2013 9:27 AM CST - Patrick McCarron
Originally Posted by : xiphi
In general, There seems to be quite a few issues with XBL today as far as DLC and DotW goes.
Yeah the Marketplace seems broken partially right now. Scorpion is unusable online until the next Title Update gets posted anyways.
June 4th, 2013 9:50 AM CST - Darklurkr23
You fools don't say anything! Made the stuff will come up as free and we can get some free skins! XD
June 4th, 2013 2:29 PM CST - Patrick McCarron
PS3 patch is up and weighs in at 533 MB (includes DLC Compatibility Pack)
June 4th, 2013 5:00 PM CST - Patrick McCarron
Updated the first post.
June 4th, 2013 8:00 PM CST - JusticeKombat
Thanks for the update! Scorpion turned out to be even more epic than we all thought!
June 4th, 2013 8:49 PM CST - Patrick McCarron
Updated the thread with the bad news from Ed, sounds like a marketplace issue.
June 4th, 2013 8:53 PM CST - Patrick McCarron
Just added the patch notes too.
June 6th, 2013 9:59 AM CST - Dedamn666
Not going up in arms about having to wait to get Scorp, if you don't have a season pass, but it's nothing to do with a marketplace issue. They make more money back from season passes than they do the individual characters, the season pass sales have been lackluster or below expectations and they are trying to squeeze as many impulse sales as possible. These things don't usually happen by mistake, if it wasn't anything to do with NRS they wouldn't have given out details of release been June the 11th. When Skarlett and every other MK dlc got messed up with release in the UK the other year, they either made no comment or said they were looking into it. Its the same reason supermarkets move stuff about, to make you impulse buy things you normally wouldn't. This of course is totally fabricated and product of my own paranoia. But more than likely the situation involving the dlc. Again, i'm not annoyed with this, not a fan of the game at all.
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