October 19th, 1997
12:02 PM CST -
Once again our Chicago Correspondent Patrick McCarron brought us more info on 2.1 that he spotted from Just For Fun, so sit back and enjoy the reading.

- Tanya's Fatality works in 2.1 so it is confirmed, it hasn't been tested in 1.0 yet tho. I will redescribe the fatality over now, for those who missed our old update on it: Tanya reaches over and places a kiss on her opponent. Her opponent then put their hand to their mouth in puzzlement as Tanya starts to walk away backwards. Then the opponent's arms and legs bend backwards, followed by alot of twisting and turning of the body around, until it zooms in and zooms out and the body explodes all over the screen. Parts of the body hit the screen and rest are all over the floor. Here is the movements for the fatality (you might want to hold block, do the D, D, U, D and then release block and then hit HP+BL, you can't hold one and do the moves and hit the other button like Sub's Fatal)

D - D - U - D - BL+HP (close)

- Shinnok's second color is gold and dark blue now

- Tanya's Alternate Character Color is Hold Start, HK+LK+LP not HK+LK+HP as we said before

- When you are alternate Cage (red outfit) you do the Red Shadows on the Shadow Kick and Uppercut, no change on the fireballs.

- Reiko's Flip Kick is a half circle forward HK (B, D, F, HK) not just D, F, HK (Thanks ShaoKahn)

- Shinnok automatically morphs back into himself when he is Impersonating someone after he wins 2 rounds, and then he can't Impersonate after it says finish him. Also he does not have a head when he does Scorpion's fire breath while impersonating him. When he does Sub's ice clone it is a ice clone of Sub-Zero that is seen.
- 2 on 2 Mode is now working and getting used a lot at my arcade at least. First it's a good deal because when a player is already playing it just costs 3 tokens to play 2 on 2, a total of 5, not 6 that it asks for in the start with no players playing. You pick two characters each (you have two different colored cursors) and then you goto the VS Screen, again some codes don't work because of the 2 on 2 changes they probably have special 2 on 2 only codes. Then when the round starts there is alot of slowdown, but you see all 4 characters on the screen and then 2 jump off and the round begins. When one player loses their life they explode just like in the Explosive Kombat kode. The explosion consistes of body parts, bones, and other parts that are strewn across the screen. It's really cool looking and has good detail. In the beginning of the 2nd round you start with your 2nd player and then 3rd round again with your first player. For just an extra token, this is really worth it.

- Jax's Quad Slam can't be found, we were told it was like it was in MK3 where you throw, and then rapidly tap HP, but we have tried this many times to no avail, and tried different ways of doing it.

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