October 19th, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
Patrick McCarron has comprised a detailed list of all the Kombat Kodes in Revision 2.1. The icons for 1-4 are just numbers and 5 and 6 are some stick designs in red on a black background. 5 is a lightning bolt and 6 looks like some sort of sword. These along with one more icon are the available letters to choose from when entering your name for the high score. Here is the list of all known Kombat Kodes in order by Kode #: (also a tip for usuage of kombat kodes, you can also hold up and hit the buttons to rotate backwards in the icons)

Kode 1: Free Weapon - 111-111 (A random weapon drops into the center of the arena at the begining of the round)

Kode 2: Throwing Disabled - 100-100 (Breaks aren't disabled tho)

Kode 3: Armed And Dangerous - 444-444 (Characters start with weapons drawn)

Kode 4: Silent Kombat - 666-666 (No music)

Kode 5: Explosive Kombat - 050-050 (When character looses all life, except for final round b4 Finish Him/Her, they explode into pieces, like the 2 on 2 mode)

Kode 6: Random Weapons - 222-222 (Characters pull out a random weapon, not their own)

Kode 8: Many Weapons - 555-555 (Every weapon in the game is dropped around the edge of the arena)

Kode 9: Randper Kombat - 333-333 (Every so many seconds the character changes into another, no morph or explosion just change)

Kode 14: Red Rain - 020-020 (When done on mountain top stage where it's raining the rain will be blood)

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