October 17th, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
Ed Boon has once again updated the MK4 section of his web site with new pics and info. There's a new picture of the character select screen showing the 3 new fighters (Jax, Reiko(?), Johnny Cage - in that order) occupying the boxes previously held by question marks. It goes on to tell about the various features now present in the game which we have already covered EXTENSIVELY on this site. Probably the coolest thing on the page is the 3 screenshots of fatalities that are in the game. There is one of Sub-Zero, one of Reptile (NEW!), and one of Liu Kang. Even cooler is the teaser WAV file that you can download at the base of the page. It starts with Raiden's intro story, Shinnok's ending discussion with Raiden, an ending I haven't seen yet, Liu Kang's ending where he says he once again defended his title of champion of Mortal Kombat, what I believe is Quan Chi talking about his nemesis Sub-Zero (it's not Scorp's ending), the blue face talking to Fujin in Fujin's ending, Sub-Zero (or Arnold?) saying "Your quest for vengance is over Scorpion" in the beginning of his ending, Liu Kang saying "Kitana?" from his ending, Sonya saying who she is, and then Jarek arguing with her about him not being turned into the special forces, Cage saying "Wow! I don't know what to say!...", Someone saying "You Suck!", and then Kai turning down offer to become a Shaolin Warrior, Scorpion telling Sub-Zero to "Live well Lin Kuei Warrior" in Sub's ending, and then a slight musical ending. Expect MK4 2.0 to be released nationwide very soon as Ed Boon's scrolling text applet says that it is currently in production.

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