October 14th, 1997
12:01 PM CST -
Our Chicago Correspondent Patrick McCarron has returned from playing some MK4 1.74 at Just For Fun in Arlington Heights. Also the Revision 2 Moves List has been updated. Here is some more new info, and recaps on some previous info:

- Reiko (pronounced Rayco) is basically an edited Noob Saibot. He has a purple Ninja sash ala Rain and black pants, but no shirt under the ninja sash on his torso. He has grey/brown hair and some black paint on his face like the Robin mask in the latest movie. He also has a Icon on his back that looks like what the girls in MKM had on them.

- Reiko's Circular Teleport (not a Windmill Kick as we were told by other people) is B, F, LK. He quickly rotates in a circle to behind his opponent. He also has his Flip Kick (called Cage kick by Swamp) which is D, F, HK he flips feet first up into the air knocking opponent into the air.

- Reiko's Shuriken Throw (D, B, LP) is where he throws a bunch of Shurikens in a circlular pattern that when they are blocked they scatter all over the screen.

- Scorpion's Firebreath (D, F, LP) is very impressive, he takes his mask off revealing his skull and spits a spray of fire downward. It will usually hit an opponent right infront of you and torch them, and can be added into combos effectivly.

- Cage's Low Fireball is D, B, LP and his High Fireball is D, F, HP, Cage's Shadow Uppercut now has a shadow behind it also.

- Quan Chi's Slide is now F, F, HK no longer what it was before.

- Raiden has not only electricity during the fight, but also when he does the Superman Slam and hits you, there is alot of electicity around the contact area between the two characters.

- Choose Your Destiny Towers are larger on the screen, but last 3 are still the same height, except at the bottom of all 3 towers is an empty spot.

- Trees in the Living Forest now Scream and Moan.

- Quan's 2nd color is now Dark Red Pants and Neon Green spots on his Vest.

- New FATALITY Graphic, looks like bloody bones.

- New Red Background with mountains in the attract mode, behind Hi Scores, Rotating Dragon, and ending "SHINNOK'S MEANACE IS OVER" screen.

- Sub's second outfit is Sub with no Mask (red stripe is there) and pants like his MK3 pants with the Blue Stripe on the Thigh.

- Powered By: Zeus and MKM Ad added to the Attract Mode

- New REVISION 2 picture on the title screen, after a semi-new MIDWAY end animation where the Midway logo STOPS turning and then the logo comes in from the side.

- New Shinnok (w/ Ammulet on a staff) and Quan Chi Image after the Raiden Storyline (which is now Subtitled and semi letterboxed)

- Computer AI uses weapons, picks them up, draws them, and throws them all the time now. They also love to use the 3D Dodge when you throw a projectile.

- You can pick alternate colors on the select screen by rotating the icons by holding start and hitting a combination of three buttons, it is different for each icon it seems, we'll try to get them all next time. Reptiles was Hold Start and hit LP+BL+LK we know that. It flips to show a Ying Yang, and then flips back, this makes you get the alternate color/outfit for your character.

- Tanya's Boomerang is thrown with LP and thrown upwards with B+LP, if it misses it does come back, but takes along time alot of the time. If you are blocking when it returns it falls to the ground next to you.

- All the name announcements were redone, but the same voice.
- The in game font is now a much easier to read font, and is all caps. I like the look of it, but it looks to simple now, but is ALOT easier to read.

- Liu Kang's Dragon Fatal Description, as reported before Liu Kang is covered in a large green mist and w
hen the mist subsides all you see is a huge dragon who then picks up it's victim and proceeds to swing them around in the air violently with blood spraying every which way, and then it slams it's victim into the ground and then blood from the swinging starts to fall onto the ground near the body randomly. Really impressive.

- Shinnok's death is very interesting. When you first hit him you fall backwards and Shinnok's face starts to form into points like his head was filled with needles underneath. His outer face then explodes and you see his real face underneath as he falls into a portal and then into a firey pit of death. It then shows the new Red Moutain background with the words "Shinnok's Meance Is Over! You Are The Supreme Mortal Kombat Warrior" and then shows the characters ending and then end credits alot like MK3's with the design team's faces showing up one at a time.

- Endings are all polygonal realtime animations, but their mouths don't move, but the voices are clear and distinct from each other.

- Sub-Zero's Ending: Sub-Zero is standing and Scorpion is on the ground. Scorpion is saying how Sub-Zero (who sounds alot like Arnold Schwarzenegger) may have defeated his physical being but his spirt lives on and Sub has not really won. Then Quan Chi comes up and knocks Sub-Zero on the back of the head forcing Sub to fall to the ground where he reamains. Quan walks over to Sub and starts telling him how Shinnok hired Scorpion to help him, and now they both must die. Then Scorpion gets up and levitates Quan ala Fujin as Quan yells "Scorpion!" and then while Scorp is levitating Quan a ball of energy comes from Scorp's hands and Quan Chi explodes into pieces all over the screen. Sub gets up and Scorpion tells Sub that he is now free of Scorpion's curse and should go.

- Johnny Cage's Ending: You see a picture of a stage with a podium, and then they announce Johnny Cage as the winner of an award and Cage walks up thanks a few people and then ends it with "When am I going to get some real competition?" the crowd then goes silent and Cage asks "Why the silence?" and then they start to boo him and you see different objects like Wine bottles and other objects start to fly up and hit him as he dodges and blocks them, he also says "Hey I saw that Arnold!" Maybe Sub's Voice is Arnold?

- Jax's Ending: Sonya appears on a cliff with Jarek and Sonya is asking Jarek that it's time to return with them, that he was just to help them defeat Shinnok, and how the Black Dragon disappeared with the death of Kano. Jarek starts walking towards Sonya and backs Sonya into the corner of the cliff,(where Camera then does a DUH DUH! zoom out and in effect) and then he gets angry and he charges at Sonya and she does what any sane person would do, step to the side. Jarek falls to doom and sonya gets on the radio and calls Major Briggs with no responce at first. Jax then says "Ya Sonya?" then you see Jarek climb up the cliff and pull Sonya over, Sonya is now dead. Jarek gets up and steps on the walkie talkie (no remains of the walkie talkie). Jarek starts to walk away then looks up and sees Jax. Jax asks Jarek where he is going, and then Jax picks up Jarek by the neck and walks over to the edge of the cliff and holds him over the cliff. Jarek says how it's Jax's duty to bring him in and arrest him and says "Arrest me arrest me!!! This is brutality!!!!" And then Jax says the punch line, "No Jarek this is not brutality, It a FATALITY!!!" Then drops Jarek and you get to see him fall into nothingness.

- Scorpion's Ending: This ending is much like Sub's ending at first, Scorpion is saying how he finally gets revenge for the death of his clan, and then Sub says well you are getting revenge on the wrong person. Scorpion asks who the real killer is as Quan Chi walks up and says that he was. Quan Chi then tells Scorpion that it's time to return to the Netherealm as you start to see Scorpion fade as a bright light is seem behind him, but before he totally disappears he runs over to Quan Chi and takes Quan Ch
i with him to the Netherealm. They end up both in Scorpion's Hell stage from UMK3 but now in 3D and Quan Chi starts to yell in terror as the camera zooms into Quan as he keeps yelling.

- Also the Silent Kombat Kombat Kode is 999-999, no music as in MK3.

- Alot of new announcements of "EXCELLENT" and "WELL DONE" in this version, and some characters pain/attack voices have been improved, and Reptile doesn't swear with his breaker anymore.

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