October 14th, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
TONS of thanks go out to Swamp who got us alot of new info from 1.74 from Dennis' Place For Games.

- Reiko has a "Cage kick" (from Virtua Fighter), it is D, F, HK Reiko's whirlwind kick is b,f,lk. The whirlwind doesnt hurt the opponent but makes you go on the opposite side of them making for a confusing combo, and you can uppercut after the Cage kick.

- Jax's Misslie is D, B,LP

- New fonts in the game for everything but character names

- When you fight Sub Zero vs. Sub Zero one of you gets the MK3 Unmasked Sub Zero

- Jarek's fireball is now a red blade like the "metallica sign"

- Shinnok's impersonation of Reiko is B, B, B, BL

- New voices saying character names

- New picture of Quan Chi on the select screen

- Cage's shadow punch now leaves a shadow behind

- The Ending - After you get the final punch on Shinnok the screen flashes white and you are thrown back, ala MK1. Shinnok's head begins to blow out in some sort of fashion and then he loses all his skin on his head, it then turns into like a green ball, and Shinnok falls into a blue swirling pit.

- Rieko's ending wasn't finished, it was was him in an arena, a portal opens, and he walks thru it

- Jax's ending was like a "B movie" according to Swamp. Here is the description: It's really quite humorous, Sonya apeears on a cliff with Jarek and they are talking about how Jarek is the last of Kano little group, then Jarek backs sonya into the corner of the cliff, and charges at Sonya and she does what any sane person would do, step to the side. Jarek falls to doom and sonya gets on the radio and calls Jax over. Jax says "YA" or something then you see Jarek climb
up the cliff and pull Sonya over, Sonya is now dead. Jarek gets up
and steps on the walkie talkie. Jarek then looks up and who is there but big Jax! Jax has Jarek by the neck and holds him over the cliff, they talk about some Rodney King stuff and Jarek says "Arrest me arrest me!!! This is brutality!!!!" And then Jax says the punch line, "No Jarek this is not brutality, It a FATALITY!!!" Then drops Jarek and all is well, well except Sonya is dead.

- Also in the credits Swamp spotted the "has" spelled as "ha5", this signify MK5?

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