October 13th, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
kn0wledge has just returned from Diversions with new information on the latest version of MK4, 1.74. Check back tomorrow as other arcades get 1.74 for more details. This version is supposedly is going to be the FINAL National Version. The other updates will just have bug fixes. Here are all the details.

- The select screen layout is the same as revision 1.44 except the three middle ones are now in the order of Jax, Reiko, and Cage; Noob is removed
- Reiko is described as wearing "normal clothing", he has Noob Saibot's
teleport, a windmill kick QCF - HK (?), and a multi Shuriken throw, QCF - LP
- Raiden has electricity flowing effects around him, it happens more often than it did in MK1
- Sub-Zero's Fatality is enabled again, he now has a red line down his eye signifying that he is the Sub-Zero previously unmasked, and he can't freeze you with his freeze wand after a bone breaker (bug fix)
- Scorpion has a new move, QCF - LP, he pulls down his mask, revealing his skull, and breathes fire that's about the length of "1.5 sweep distances" straight forward
- Tanya has a boomerang for her weapon now, it comes back after a few seconds whether it hits or is blocked
- Jax and Cage both have fireballs now, and it seems Cage's are the same as the ones in MKII, complete with trailing effects
- Jax has his quad throw back. (Throw then repeataly hit HP)
- Cage turns blue when he's frozen now
- Quan Chi's alternate color is red and has a new slide move
- Shinnok now has a Reiko Impersonation
- Jarek has a new fireball instead of Tanya's pink one, it has a red blur toward its sides; his ground slam causes dust to come up and is weaker
- The game is using a new font now, and it's used for everything but the energy bars just as the old one was
- Combos with 40% damage are cut off at its last hit (but the last hit makes contact so it can go up to around 45%) and "MAXIMUM DAMAGE" appears and is zoomed up on in the middle of the screen
- The computer draws, uses, throws, and picks up weapons quite effectively now
- New Kombat Kodes:

222 222 Randper Kombat
333 333 Different Weapon
444 444 same as 111 111
555 555 Many Weapons

- During randper kombat, he morphed into an unmasked Sub-Zero -- he has the same moves and the same design, just without wearing his mask
- Endings have been added!

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