October 3rd, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
Special thanks to SteveHTG for sending these along.

She blows you a kiss and it cuts you up into three pieces.
Grabs your waist with both hands, turns your upper body around, and rips your torso off.
Picks you up over his head with both hands, holds you above his head, and rips you in half with blood gushing to the floor; your upper torso moves a little bit before finally laying lifeless.
A green cloud forms as it fades Liu into the infamous dragon... He bites you down to your waist, shakes you around, then slams you to the ground leaving your carcass lying in a pool of your own blood.
Grabs you and kisses you causing your arms, legs, and neck to break; You then explode with parts flying into the screen.
Pulls out your heart... He kind of puts his hand in and searches for it a little before he pulls it out.
Does his tornado move then shoots you with his crossbow.

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