October 1st, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
Swamp, SteveHTG, and Mazza each saw these new fatalities in the Chicago Betas of MK4 2.0 and reported them to us.
These fatalties have not been seen by are not confirmed by TRMK staff members yet but are reliable.

  • Fujin levitates his opponent and then begins to spin them in a tornado. Then
    the camera quickly zooms in and zooms out and shows Fujin holding his
    crossbow. Fujin takes aim and shoots his victim in the stomach area causing his
    victim to explode. The game quickly replays the explosion in 3 different camera
    views at the strike of the shot from the crossbow.

  • Kai picks you up over his head with both hands and holds you above his head
    and rips you in half with blood gushing to the floor your upper torso
    moves a little bit before finally laying lifeless.

  • Reptile and Noob Saibot both grab your waist with both hands and turns your upper body around with this hands and rips it off.

  • Sonya blows you a kiss and it cuts you up into three pieces.

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