September 29th, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
We recieved a good batch of info on the test version of MK4 v2.0 from kn0wledge. He reminds us about a few new things as well as some stuff we forgot to mention:
- 2 on 2 is said to cost 8 credits, making it 2 per person.

- 3D Downwards Sidestep is said to be Hold Down, Run, Run and the character will step towards the screen. So Run, Run to step away and hold Down, Run, Run to step towards.

- Something I forgot to mention is that when you throw a weapon or object and you miss it doesn't come back, but if you hit them or they block it, it flys at the screen and then towards the ground.

- Jarek has a new move, an upwards Cannonball ala Kano, it is done by going F, D, F, HP. (not tested yet)

- Shinnok's New Impersonations I forgot to post last night are: D, D, HP for Johnny Cage and B, B, B, BL for Noob Saibot, Thanks to MK4 Xtreme.

- New Kombat Kode - 444-444 - Kode 3: Armed And Dangerous, Characters start with weapons out in hands.

- Also the storyline screens for each character is the blue portal background and shows the character rotating in a specific pose with the story next to them.

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