September 28th, 1997
12:03 PM CST -
Our Chicago Correspondent, Patrick McCarron played some more of the test version of 2.0 and came back with more small details.
- Cage Uniform details: Cage wears black pants and no shirt. On his pants are a few horizontal white stipes. There is a blue belt, wristguard, and shinguards. He also sports some classic Adidas black shoes, with the white stripes.

- Jax is almost the same as he was in MK3. He has the big boots and the dual color pants, except now it's Red and Black, not Purple like in MK3. His arms actually LOOK metallic now, not just dark grey. He also sports a mustache.

- Computer AI is much improved but was acting really weird. It seems Shinnok has Jax's sliding dash punch, and uses it a lot. And Jax does Sonya's pink fireball and his Quad Throw. We tried to find these moves with no avail.

- During the Intro Screen where you pick 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 Kombat if you wait a long time the game says "What Are You Waiting For?"

- Game Intro after the MK4 logo screen a black screen with "The Greatest Warrior" and three initials roating far away. Then the game speaks it and says "The Greatest Warrior is..." then speaks each inital letter as it rotates to full screen, "P.. R.. M"

- Tanya now has an almost complete two outfits. The 2nd player color is a pink color and on the legs has a different design than player 1's legs. Part of Player 2 is still yellow tho.

- Quan Chi's Foot Slide is F, F, LK, not D, B, LK as I thought last night.

- Shinnok and Sub-Zero each have their own color uniforms. Sub's 2nd color is a light blue and Shinnok's is a silver outfit lining.

- Raiden Fatality below confirmed, he did it 3/5 loses to him, much better odds than before. Also saw Sub-Zero's Fatality.

- New uppercuts in Combos, you can now add D+HP into combos to uppercut someone in the combo, a good example of the combo is HP, D+HP, quick 2 hits.

- Stage Fatalities DO work now, so Ed must have enabled them already.

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