September 28th, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
Our Chicago Correspondant, Patrick McCarron checked out the test for what will be 2.0 eventually. We will be updating with a new 2.0 Mini Moves List soon. Here is what he noticed:
- Tanya now has a Screw Kick ala Cammy in SSF2T (F, F, LK) and her Fireball (D, F, HP) can't be done in the air anymore. Her fireballs are pink now, and her ground one is done like Raiden throws his fireball.

- Jarek has a pink fireball like Sonya (D, B, LP) and has a new breaker where he kicks your knee in sideways, really painful looking. Also he now carries a large bladed sword.

- Sub-Zero's new weapon the Ice Staff can freeze opponents with B+LP (close) for the weapon move.

- Reptile gets his Super Krawl Move (F, B, LK), it's alot like a mix of Sub's slide and Mileena's roll ball move, he quickly crawls under your feet and knock you over.

- Quan Chi now has a slide move (we think D, B, LK), not the same as Sub-Zero's slide but similiar. And has a new skimpy blade weapon.

- The Hammer and the Spiked Club have a screen smash now (F+LP, close)

- Johnny Cage (with a MK2ish like look to him with glasses on all the time) returns in the middle right ? Mark. He has his Classic Nuts Punch (BL+LP) and his Shadow Kick (B, F, LK) with a cool new look to it, and finally has his dashing uppercut, hits 3 times, B, D, B, HP. Also seems Cage likes to drink anti-freeze, he doesn't show up frozen when Sub freezes him.

- Jax returns with a MK2ish outfit but now with his MK3 Metal Arms, he is in the middle of the select screen. Jax has his ground pound (F, F, D, LK) and now creates a large ring of energy that circles the arena. He has a Dashing Punch that hits 3 times (F, D, B, LP) and his Air Backbreaker "Gotcha" move (BL in air next to opponent) Jax wants to act like a girl when he does his breaker tho, do it for a laugh.

- Noob Saibot returns from past MK4 betas with nothing changed since we last saw him.
- Kombat Kodes return via the VS Screen. We know two Codes: "Kode 1: Free Weapon" which is 111-111, it drops one weapon to the center of the arena when the fight starts, weapon is random. Also there is "Kode 2: Throwing Disabled" which is what it says, disables throws (not breakers tho)

- To throw your weapon do the weapon move with a weapon in hand.

- To pick up the rocks or heads on a stage hit D+RUN over them to instantly pick up and throw.

- To 3D Dodge hit Run two times in a row really quick. This can avoid projectiles and get to weapons easier, but is really slow.

- Fujin's spin and levitate have new effects. The spin shows a tornado around him, and the levitate shows debris floating up also.

- Some weapons work in air with HP, LP so you can jump in with weaponns to hit them with the weapons.

- New Winning poses for most people, really cool zoom effects on them now.
- More to come...

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