September 21st, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
Mortal Kombat 4 lead programmer Ed Boon updated his Home Page tonite. He added a picture of Jarek holding a new bladed weapon, and Kai throwing a stone he seemed to pick up in the stage. He also shows a picture of the new MK4 VS Screen. It has the same basic format of the MK3 VS Screen, but now has a more detailed background, and the characters (who are highly detailed) cast a shadow on the background. Also on Ed's Secret Page it now says: "re2iinosv" under the image of the unknown character. Which can be unscrambled to read: "revision 2" Here are the pictures from Ed's page who also says that these are "pics of some of the new stuff in Revision 2.0"
Pictures used with permission

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