September 3rd, 1997
12:02 PM CST -
Patrick McCarron, our Chicago correspondant, returned from the arcade with some more info and news on the new MK4 revision. The version is now 0.99 and is dated September 1st, 1997. Here are the highlights from his huge update on the Chicago Coverage page:

- Jarek now replaces Noob Saibot on the select screen and has two moves: a cannonball move like Kano (B,F,LK) and a telekinetic body slam (unblockable - B,D,B,HK).

- Noob still exists in the character towers.

- Reptile now has moves and Sonya now has a new cartwheel.

- Some weapons changed hands from player to player.

- Some moves aren't as cheap as before, and some were sped up.

- Select Screen icons can't be flipped anymore.

- STORYLINE: There is an intro movie with Raiden talking about Shinnok being a fallen elder god banished to the Netherealm. Somehow he found a way back and the war for the Earth Realm will be played out, but this time mortals can win.

- New victory stances for some people

- STAGE FATALITY: Player walks up to you and picks you up by side and waist and starts to spin around. The camera rotates around the players spinning once and then zooms in behind the back of the players. Camera then zooms to a view of the players and fan. The player is thrown into the fan shredding them into blood and body parts (not a lot, and actually from the player, perfect amount of parts that there should be). Then it announces who won and the players head comes flying at the screen.

- Different player colors in two player matches are now in partial effect.

- CORRECTION: A Boss character is not in the game, as reported yesterday.

    A lot of bugs are now fixed in the game since the Road Tour, check out the Chicago Coverage page for more specifics. We hope to have pictures of the new features by the end of the weekend. This version looks very solid and is a strong candidate for wide range distribution.

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