February 12th, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
I'm going to clear up some discrepancies on the filmstrip picture on the Official "MK4 CountDown" pages of Tony Goskie and Steve Beran. (BTW if these people sound familar, they are a part of Midway's MK4 Development Team).

Frame 1This looks like Boon's old graphic he had on his website, only with yellow highlights to distinguish it as being Scorpion. The original was all black and represented Noob Saibot.
Frame 2It looks like a silhouette of Raiden looking down. The oval shape in the middle is a 3/4th overhead view of his hat.
Frame 3Could be many things. Could be just a drawing of a sleeveless Scorpion holding his spear in Goro's Lair, or it could be Shang Tsung. It could actually be a game shot. Many questions about this one.
Frame 4The arabic numeral 4. Proving that it will not be in roman numerals like MKII was.

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