August 17th, 1997
12:01 PM CST -
Ed Boon has updated the
MK4 section
of his web site with some pictures taken at Diversions arcade in Chicago on Friday evening. So far there are 12 playable characters: Fujin, Kai, Liu Kang, Noob Saibot, Quan Chi, Raiden, Reptile, Scorpion, Shinnok, Sonya, Sub-Zero, and Tanya. Boon also notes other features that will be added to the game:

- Final version will have 12 playable characters
- 3 hidden characters (released via Ultimate Kombat Kodes)
- "The Prison" background
- The Spiked Klub weapon
- Group Select
- Shinnok's "Impersonation" moves
- Reptile's Super krawl move

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