August 8th, 1997
12:01 PM CST -
I first want to apologize to everyone about the lack of updates this week. On Monday, I upgraded this server from a Intel 486DX2/66 with 8 megs of RAM, to a Cyrix 6x86 P200+ with 32 megs of EDO RAM. You can probably notice the increase of speed of the server in responding to requests. However, the clock got reset and I still haven't had the time to go up there and fix it to the correct time. (as you can see in the last modified date) To top it all off, my home computer's hard drive decided to fail on me and I haven't been able to update the page personally. I want to thank
TetterkeT for doing the necessary updates and tour locations. Anyways, all should be back to normal tonight. Thanks for your patience for hanging with us during our growing pains

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