July 31st, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
Unfortunately, I was busy working late to miss a web based Q&A session with Ed Boon held at the Sonny Schwartz Website yesterday at 9:00pm CDT. Sorry about that guys, from the reports I've heard, it was very difficult to get on to the page and you couldn't scroll upwards, so don't feel like you missed out. Ed was on the phone with the webmaster of the site hosting the Q&A, relaying the questions and replies. As always, here are the major highlights from the interview.
- Reptile and Kitana are in, Mileena is NOT
- The boss is Kai, a fast and agile African American character (sarcasm?)
- The final version will feature 3D movement
- "Most likely not Cage" he said, then pointed out that there will be a cast of 30 characters, but later corrected himself by saying it's only 15
- Will be packed with hidden features as always
- Influenced by Japanese Mythology (Fujin is the god of wind)
- More combination moves and "made up sequences" this time around
- The weapons the characters were assigned in the tour version seen so far aren't the final ones assigned
- There will be at least 2 fatalities per character
- "electricity will flow for Raiden."
- MK4 will feature all previous features plus weapons and 3D movement
character balance, thanks to the fact that there are more than 1
programmer this time around
- Fatalities are the only finishers, no others.

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