September 1st, 2010
9:32 AM CST -
Last night was the big hands-on event at the GameStop Manager's Conference. Hundreds of GameStop mangers got their hands on Mortal Kombat (2011). As Ed Boon said on Twitter, it was "panda-f***ing-monium!!" last night with a overly positive response from all who attended. We've since heard back from some friends who got to play the game for the first time. Below are some impressions and information from them:

Trash sent along a great breakdown of how the game played and handled:

The game plays soooo smooth. And its very fast, almost seemed too fast at first. Its like the RUN button is always on. It's not clunky like MK vs DC was. I asked Ed if Capcom made it, I don't think he liked that comment. LOL

Combos just seem to flow out so naturally, the possiblities for them seem endless. I won my match by using a simple standing double punch into a fireball juggle, then shadow kick. (that seems like a good 40%) Ed said the combo damage will be toned down drastically in the next build.

Seems you can use your breaker to snap out of Scorpion's spear before you are combo'd/hit. Reptile does more damage while invisible. Also saw, when Sektor vs Sektor, the homing missles cancel each other out if done by both players at the same time.

Also saw a Kung Lao player throw his hat, teleport kick opponent into oncoming hat, teleport again, into a 3 hit combo, finished off by a hat throw juggle! That got applause from the crowd.

Another friend JRF gave us an overview of all the characters that he played as during the night:
Scorpion – His spear comes out very fast, and has a popup move with his blade and you can Teleport or Spear afterword. His old Mortal Kombat 2 Leg Take Down is really impressive, and can be linked at the end of a kombo. His Hellfire works as a nice stun move still.

Reptile – His slowball is great for an easy juggle setup, and almost seems to wait for you to use a few juggles. His fastball is quick and useful. He has a quick dash move that goes past you and elbows you on the other side like in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. His fast dash has really cool animation, where he almost phases out of view… really cool scifi looking. He also has the acid spit which is quick, and a forward quick dash that hits you from the front. I enjoyed playing as him.

Kung Lao – He seems more of a technical player. His moves are quick, and attacks different points in your body to keep you on your toes if you need to block high or low. His teleport has cool animation with wind swirling around. You can choose to just teleport or come out of it with a 2 legged jumping kick to push people back. His straight hat throw can be guided. He also has a hat throw where he throws it at the ground and it bounces up, hitting the person in mid air or when theyre walking up. This can be used in many ways, is a really cool move.

Mileena – She seems like another technical player. Her low game is quick, and she can go high and low to keep you guessing, and just roll under you quick or do her dropping kick. She was my favorite to play as tonight.

Sub-Zero - Didn't play as him, but his winning stance is kinda neat. The screen zooms out as he faces it, and shoots ice at it…you see ice crystals start to form around the screen.

Ed Boon also dropped a hint regarding a certain mysterious red ninja's presence in the game:
Ed was speaking about balancing characters, and how it’s a hard process. I said “It must be hard balancing Ermac because of his telekinesis moves?" Ed then smiled and said his moves are really cool.

Also because it's a Gamestop event, we got a bit of word on the pre-order bonuses and possible console exclusive content. I assume we'll get more official details on this as release date approaches.
The pre-order bonus for Gamestop will be a DLC code for an additional stage and a tattoo sticker sheet of some kind. Rumblings of the PS3 version getting an exclusive stage made for 3D.

Before anyone gets up in arms about this, it's likely just a way to quickly unlock a stage that everyone will have access to and not something non-preorder fans would have to buy on their own.

Here is some photos and gameplay videos taken at the event. There is likely even more to come, so watch YouTube, as a lot of people were filming and taking photos at the event. Sadly one of our friends had his camera stolen at the event by a fellow GameStop employee, and thusly couldn't get any pictures for us. Luckily JRF did manage to get a few photos, including Ed Boon playing the game on the big stage screen. He also managed to get two gameplay videos which we tossed up on the TRMK YouTube account and embedded below.


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