July 23rd, 1997
12:00 PM CST -
The following information is from an interview with Ed Boon
about MK4 taken from the August '97 GamePro Issue #107. Thanks to mkmyth@hotmail.com for the GamePro Interview Transcript...

"Going to be a storyline relation between MK4 and MK Mythologies,
even though MK Mythologies takes place before MK1 and MK4 of course
takes place after MK3."
"They are aiming for 12 to 15 characters in MK4. Scorpion, Rayden, Sonya, Sub-Zero, and Liu Kang are returning in addition to some other favorites, and some guys from Mythologies."
"No plans for any hidden characters have been made yet, but he said
'you could pretty much assume that MK 4 will also have hidden characters'"
"The MK 4 hardware system Zeus was designed by Midway's Mark Loffredo.
He has basically designed every Midway games' hardware since NARC."
"MK4 backgrounds will be interactive to a point; they don't want it
to interfere with the fighting. But they will make objects as real as possible."
"The comical aspects (Babalities and Friendships) of MKII and MK3
will be gone and in it's place a more dark and evil game. Fatalities will be back, but not a set number per character, but a varying amount depending on character."
"Characters are composed of over 3000 polygons each, so you can't see a single polygon, this gives MK4 a more realistic look than other polygon based games. As Ed says: 'Imagine a digitize look but in 3D
if that's any way to describe it. Then you'll get an idea of what MK4 looks like.'"
"Ed says they are aiming for a September nationwide release."

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