June 26th, 2009
4:26 PM CST -
The LA Times is reporting today motion picture studio Warner Bros. is the sole bidder in the auction sale process of Midway Games. Their original bid of $33 million USD emerged as the only bid that Midway Games got during the bidding process that occurred during the last month, despite many other parties taking a look at the studio.

Next week will be a hearing with the US Bankruptcy Court regarding those parties who are objectifying to the sale of Midway Games. One is Threshold Entertainment, which we covered yesterday, and the other is Vin Diesel's Tigon Studios which is questioning the sale of the movie rights to the game Wheelman.

Before the deal goes through, the Delaware court overseeing Midway's bankruptcy will have to resolve complaints by several creditors about the acquisition process. One of those is producer Larry Kasanoff's Threshold Entertainment, which produced two previous "Mortal Kombat" films and claims it has exclusive big-screen and TV rights to the series. Also objecting to the sales process is Tigon Games, a production company controlled by Vin Diesel, which claims it is owed $200,000 for the star's work on the recently released game "Wheelman."

Also of an interesting note is rumors around that Warner Brothers is also looking to purchase game studio Codemasters who is responsible for the Colin McRae Rally series of racing games along with the ever popular Game Genie cheat devices of the 1990s.

The next month is shaping up to be an interesting one, as everything regarding the sale of Midway Games to Warner Brothers will be coming to light. Best of luck to all of our friends at Midway Games, who are currently deep into development of Mortal Kombat 9.

Reader Komments from the TRMK Forums:

June 26th, 2009 10:08 PM CST - Tim Static
Good stuff. Thanks Pat.
June 27th, 2009 8:12 AM CST - Goraka
Well that's a relief. At least Threshold aren't actually in.
June 27th, 2009 9:34 AM CST - Glamador
Warner Bros. is purchasing Codemasters? Does that mean more Overlord? B/c I sure hope it does! Oh but wait, I'm on an MK forum...yea, I'm sure they'll keep that going too.
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