October 17th, 2008
9:08 AM CST -
This morning Midway has sent along higher quality versions of the Kombat Modes feature from yesterday. The video clip goes into depth on the details of the various new fighting mechanics in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Here is how Midway describes the modes.

Freefall Kombat allows players to battle in mid-air while falling from one arena into the next. Players can fill up their meter to try and perform a super move -- but watch out or they might get countered!

Klose Kombat, a brutal up-close fighting mechanic, enhances the game's gritty visual tone through progressive damage inflicted on fighters during zoomed-in battles, with visible bruises, torn clothing, and more.

Rage Mode allows players the ultimate attack experience, releasing pent-up rage in a glowing torrent of consecutive attacks that are unable to be blocked.

So we have made a higher quality stream available below. You can also download the 720p HD clips in your format of choice directly below and also new iPhone 3G optimized clips.

Also don't forget the video has the first reveal of the second fatality for The Joker at the end of the clip. So if you don't want it to be spoiled, don't watch the full video until after you've seen it in the game.

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iPhone 3G Stream
Download HD (720p) Versions: Quicktime Video (129MB) Windows Media Player (212MB)

Check out more coverage of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, including an in-depth interview with Ed Boon, an exclusive interview with Prima's Official Guide Author, along with trailers available in 720p HD in our Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe GameRealm.

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October 19th, 2008 10:44 AM CST - Tim Static
Hey Pat....you going to the party today?
October 20th, 2008 2:59 AM CST - Camu-san
DUDE!jokers fatality!sweat!everything else, also sweat!but, not as sweat!but, still pretty ****in sweat!
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