December 24th, 1996
12:00 PM CST -
Ok. So I admit it, absolutly NOTHING MK related is happening. So, if MKT for PC is released today or tomorrow then I'll update, but for now there won't be any other updates until Thursday. I guess this update right now is better than me just blanking for 3 days. Actually, comes to think about it, there is something MK related I can talk about. What's the deal with Mortal Kombat Trilogy? Let's look at the Playstation version. I went shopping and saw 20 copies of MKT and there was like only 3 or 4 of every other game. Did Williams make too many, or is it just because this type of Mortal Kombat has been juiced to the max? Now let's look at the Nintendo64 version. I went to the N64 section of the videogames department and there was absolutly NOTHING left to buy for the Nintendo64. From games to accessories nothing was in stock, except 16 copies of Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Jeez, I mean when a RF converter outsells a game, that's gotta hurt. I know that it's not fair to compare a game to a RF converter, or that it could be that parents don't want their kids to play Mortal Kombat, or it could be the excellent distribution of Williams, but come on, it's been like this for more than a month. I know that many people will disagree when I say: MK3, UMK3, MKT, what's the big diffrence? Absolutly NOTHING! You may say MKT and UMK3 have more characters, but does that really change the game? It still plays the same, looks the same, and sucks the same. MK3 was nice for the first 4 months, but why does Midway have to milk this product for 3 years? It's the same crap packaged with new features to make you pay more money for the same game. -- This is my opinion.

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