Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

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Classic Sub-Zero Cyrax Ermac
Human Smoke Jade Jax
Kabal Kano Kitana
Kung Lao Liu Kang Mileena
Nightwolf Reptile Scorpion
Sektor Shang Tsung Sheeva
Sindel Smoke Sonya
Stryker Sub-Zero

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    After failing to convince his superiors of the coming Outworld menace, Jax begins to covertly prepare for future battle with Kahn's minions. He outfits both arms with indestructible bionic implants. This is a war Jax is prepared to win.


    The second time Jax battles the forces of Shao Kahn he comes prepared. Thought to be the strongest man on Earth he has no problem proving it: first by beating Kahn's armies then by defeating the emperor himself. When the world reverts back to normal Jax and Sonya start the Outer World Investigation Agency. Jax runs the exploratory division which learns to open portals through, science rather than magic. He leads the first expedition into a mysterious new realm.

    Special Move

    • Single Missle: B, F , HP
    • Double Missles: F , F , B , B , HP
    • Streaking Punch: F , F , HK
    • Gotcha Punch: F , F , LP
    • Ground Smash: Hold LK 3 Sec, Release


    • 7-hit 33%: HK , HK , D + HP , HP , BL , LP , B + HP


    • Stomp: RUN , BL , RUN , RUN , LK (Far Away)
    • Slicer: Hold BL , U , D , F , U (Close)


    • Paper Dolls: LK , RUN , RUN , LK


    • Lion: Hold LP , F , F , D , F (Close)


    • Babality: D , D , D , LK

    Pit Fatality

    • Stage: D , F , D , LP

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