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    Sonya is a member of a top U.S. Special Forces unit. Her team was hot on the trail of Kano's Black Dragon organization. They followed them to an uncharted island where they were ambushed by Shang Tsung's personal army.


    Captured by Shang Tsung Sonya's Special Forces unit was taken hostage - their only hope was the tournament. Shang Tsung promised to release the entire team... only if Sonya could win the contest. Her victory not only released her unit- but also put an end to the Black Dragon and Shang Tsung's powerful grip on the tournament.

    Special Move

    • Sonic Rings: LP , B , LP
    • Leg Grab: D + LP + BL + LK
    • Square Wave Punch: F , B , HP


    • Kiss of Death: F , F , B , B , BL (Anywhere)

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