Would Fans be interested in an all inclusive Mortal Kombat Lore Encyclopedia?


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I'm just curious and this is an idea I bounced off with Shawn Kittelson, and he said he'd be down. I figure him and John Vogel could get down and do it, maybe something in the lines of what DK books does with "Batman Encyclopedia" or "Marvel Encyclopedia" where it would detail the different characters with their art and concepts and their story and then some background on the stages, main story, etc.

I'm just trying to feel out there if that's something OTHER MK fans would want.

Main reason I ask is, the 25th anniversary of MK is coming in a year or so. Also, it ties in with the MKX comic books, because the comics don't always give a ton of context into who the characters are or the places, or their importance.

It does tie into MKX in the fact that they're now advancing the "second storyline", however there are some tie ins to the previous one. Maybe it would cover both?

Here is the link for the petition!

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I'd buy it in a heartbeat. There is no other form of fiction I'm more fascinated with than Mortal Kombat. This would be an amazing way to elaborate on events and species that have otherwise become afterthoughts. Insight into early Tarkatan life, what Onaga was like as a ruler, Shao Kahn before he became emperor, the extinction of Reptile's race, etc.

I'd even be willing to donate to such a project, were Kittlesten to seriously consider it.
Fuuuuuuuck Yes I would. Hell, I'd work on writing if I had the time and someone wanted to put some money my direction. I have to do something with this useless knowledge I've obtained.
I only ask because we'd need a decent amount of people interested to actually get this thing going. I've been showing the links to these posts to Shawn K. So there's that. We just need to get these things more popular.
is this a trick question lol
i cant think of living MK soul that WOULD'NT want this.

i have the marvel one and the dc one...theres room on the shelf for one more so
its either MK or My little Pony whichever comes first

Baraka should get his own encyclopedia coz BARAAKKKAASSMAABOOOII!!
Oh you mean those giant encyclopedias they sell at Barnes and Noble? They have a Star Wars one too I believe
It would be fantastic to finally know background on the species, character evolution through the games, backgrounds, weapons, lore behind the stages like the pit, the kuatan jungle, the jinsei....

We just need to get this a ton of posts.
Pre-ordering it in a damn heartbeat. Hell yeah I want MK Lore Encyclopedia. Plus, I want to know more about the other realms before they were conquered by Shao Kahn. It'll be the most popular thing bought in existence.
I can imagine myself purchasing two copies, one to save in my collection and the other for my coffee table. I'd wanted something like this for YEARS.