Why everyone hates Mokap?

My reason for not liking him is he breaks the immersion. Literally everything about him messes with the reality of the game. I'd actually be fine with having a fourth-wall-breaking joke character if he was actually the actor himself. Like, if the character's name was "Pesina", I'd be fine with that. Not everybody would be, but I would. Having this kinda nobody-guy find himself suddenly wrapped up in all these reality bending, violent shenanigans is kind of a funny idea. But... he's not named Pesina. He's named Mokap. And he always wears a mo-cap suit. Does he wake up in it? Is he able to take it off? Is Mokap his first name, his last name, or some adopted name, like an b-grade superhero?

See, joke characters are fine. I'm fine with Meat, because the backstory MK Team gave him makes sense: Botched experiment in Shang Tsung's flesh pits. That makes SOME kind of sense. Cool. But there's not even one element with Mokap that ties him together. Not even one thing that justifies why he is who he is, looks how he looks, or plays how he plays.

If they ever do another big everybody-included game like Trilogy and Armageddon, they should replace him with a real motion-capture performer on their staff, and have the mo-cap suit be an alternate costume. Give him a real name. Remove his supernatural looking moves, and make the "joke" be that he's completely unfit for MK, and he's basically just scrambling to survive, comically even. Just a normal guy in an outrageous situation. Then he'd be like Dan in Street Fighter, or Professor Boskonovich in Tekken. Joke characters CAN be cool and interesting if done right. There's nothing cool or interesting about Mokap.
When I first saw Mokap's character in MK:DA, I cried laughing. I laughed so hard....I laughed SO hard that my preteen heart at the time, almost checked out. His character just doesn't make any sense at all and he just looks ridiculous. The even more preposterous part is that he's suppose to be a serious character or that is how it seems and it perplexes and annoys me.

I don't see the point of him being in the game. His whole concept is just....stupid. LMAO.