Why everyone hates Mokap?

Put simply, he's a poor excuse of a character. His storyline is lackluster, has no place in a Mortal Kombat Tournament, and just take a look at him.


The MK Universe could do without him. Completely Unnecessary. Basically the reasons why we hated Stryker, tenfold.
People hate Mokap because they can't wrap their heads around the fact that he is a joke character. He sucks! Well take into consideration that you were never meant to take him seriously. You get to play as Pesina, enough said.

Same with Meat. Joke character. It's like people complaining about Tetsujin in Tekken.
Who likes Mokap? Well I do like Mokap

I know everyone hates this guy, But who likes Mokap?
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His moves are unoriginal and he has no weapon. Maybe if his moves were more unique and uses gadgets and other weapons such as handguns or even a rock for projectiles, I'd probably like him. Even if his weapon was a baseball bat, I'd like him. But no, he and Meat are poor characters.
I was speaking in general terms

Even though I added my own list of post-UMK3 favorites, I was also speaking in general terms, as far as Kenshi and Havik are concerned.

Based off of Ed Boon's Twitter poll for MK9 DLC characters, that he did in 2010, one could easily come to the conclusion that Fujin, Reiko and Tanya were wanted in MK9 way more, over Kenshi or Havik.
Mokap was okay. Sure he sucks, But I think he was a joke character and nothing more than that. However, his ending did make me laugh a little.
Just some guy who MK needed to fill in a blank on the game. Easy decision. He will not be in anymore. At least as a playable character. No originality or charisma at all.
Fill what blank? He was a secret unlockable character that didn't even have a visible space on the select screen.

Mokap was very original in terms of not being done before, his moves were just unoriginal. Because you were never meant to take him seriously.

He is like Tofu in Resident Evil
By blank I meant there was a role for another character in MK:DA to fit in there. MK makers aren't perfect like anybody. Easy come, easy go.