Why are there so many Mileena haters =/

I use multiple characters. I played another Mileena today, i did duck block uppercut after her teleport then sais but it doesn't always work. If only there was a bit more time to punish her

well I can't help you unless you tell me what characters you play.

For instance Johnny Cage can do D1, F3, Nutpunch.
I hate Mileena because I think she is overrated.

Her moves are also cheap as ****.
After her teleport is blocked she can still use her sais to recover.
The **** kind of shit is that?!
if you pay attention you can uppercut her after the sais. or if your using barakka just do the blade chop and shell eventually fall into it. theres many ways to counter it i dont see it as a cheap unpunishable move at all.

its not as bad as sectors enhanced teleport where when blocked you dont get to counter it.
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That post you quoted is 3 years old. My views have changed in that time lol.

Sektor's EX tele can be punished. Just not online.