Who will be your go-to fatality practice mode guinea pig?

Probably Sektor or Johnny Cage.

I love them both, but I'm used to seeing Johnny die, and its nice to change the death scene up with some black blood.
Kratos. Gonna show him what Mortal Kombat is all about.

And when I get sick of looking at his ugly mug, I'll probably go with Reptile.
I started a simlar thread like this last month but w/e. I'll have several guinea pigs, in no order at all:

Quan Chi
Johnny Cage
i think it would be cool to do it on sheeva or one of the cyborgs, i didnt notice any electric current on the cyborgs after u cut them owell its still cool. i dont feel right doing the fatalities on these hot girls ill probably
do friendships on them or turn them into babys lol
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NO guinea pigs for me.
I'll learn the fatality distance the old-school way; trial and error.

Plus, I'd rather see the fatality for the first time in an actual match.
Fatality trainer is Ok I guess, but to me, it looks like it would take the fun out of doing Fatalities.

Anyways, that's my 2 cents.