What do you think will come after the 4th DLC character?

What do you think will come after the 4th DLC character?

  • More New Characters

    Votes: 65 26.1%
  • Boss Characters

    Votes: 15 6.0%
  • New Fatalities

    Votes: 29 11.6%
  • New X-Rays

    Votes: 1 0.4%
  • New Stages

    Votes: 17 6.8%
  • New Costumes (classic costumes, ending costumes or others)

    Votes: 67 26.9%
  • Something else

    Votes: 11 4.4%
  • Nothing (no more DLCs)

    Votes: 44 17.7%

  • Total voters
Re: Is there more DLC after Freddy?

I was hoping cool genres for new MK later like MK:Shaolin Monk, but it seems they're going back again to ps2 era when MKs happened in 3d fighting arenas instead of 2Ds and I never even tried them.

Plz Boon develop new MKs like this one, a fan-favorite game. Plz care more about fans. MK is all memory for our generation, revive our old memory, Boon.
Re: Is there more DLC after Freddy?

I believe freddy is the last DLC of the summer.If sales went good they ll continue to give us more and more...
Re: Is there more DLC after Freddy?

Im guessing it's the last one. If you think about it, if they continue flooding out DLC every month, sure it seems nice at first but then there are WAY too many characters to choose from, plus it leaves little to the imagination for the next MK. Let's work with what we have first, then go from there
Re: Is there more DLC after Freddy?

He specifically said they only planned 4, but "who knows" when asked about more characters. Don't twist words to make it seem final or whatever -_-. Id be fine w/Jason if they added Tanya and Reiko first..
Re: Is there more DLC after Freddy?

that is so retarded... this is why MK will nvr be a proper compeditie game, cuas rhey split the development in to lame area like rpgs or w/e... keep it simple.. keep it a fighter

I just don't get how so many people can be so negative about Mortal Kombat. Trade in your game if you're not happy.
Re: Is there more DLC after Freddy?

As long as i know and have heard from Boon in his E3 2011 GTTV interview, He has great programs for this game especially for Summer. they are also going to move to new genres maybe. accordingly, there will be more DLCs but maybe no more characters!

It COULD be a possibility he was talking about 4 DLC packs. Jason is coming, so there's no doubt we're going to get more characters.
Re: Is there more DLC after Freddy?

How does everyone know/think Jason's coming just because freddy did?!?!??!?!?!?!
Re: Is there more DLC after Freddy?

And i rlly want a female Tarkatan (Baraka's Race) not like Mileena (created in the flesh pits)
Here's the character we really need....

Jeez, where do I start here? More characters, fatalities, and costumes are an absolute must. These should be proirity #1, frankly. I'd be perfectly fine with playable boss characters as long as they DON'T GET online accessible, because they would just get cheap to use. Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking ,but they're BOSSES for a reason (they're stronger than other characters, some by a lot). Also I'd love it if when playing as Shao Khan, you would randomly taunt (and your opp would insert 50% damage combo XD) so he wouldn't be AS cheap, but these are all just ideas. Stages would be cool, but not as high a priority as the first 3 above (characters, fatalities, costumes). I'd put these above playable boss characters just because I can't think of why anyone would be strictly OPPOSED to having more stages to play on (unless you're broke from buying crossover DLC, that I can understand). Next, the X-rays! I love these so much and some even look more gruesome than the fatalities we're seeing, but I don't know how these would be used as in what controls they would cover. Maybe if they incorporated a direction pad scheme, like when Scorpion goes into the Earth and reappears behind the character you would press the regular X-ray buttons (LT + RT or L2 + R2) and then the down arrow? Or for Sub-Zero's you would press the forward direction button? I don't know, THESE ARE JUST IDEAS/SUGGESTIONS. Don't think that these are Boon's words, I'm just throwing my ideas in the air. I hope this was enlightening and if not, well ok then. Also, for the something else slot, how about some minigames? Just another thought!
I would really like just new skins for free, and maby a year or a few months later they make a updated edition game.... With new Kombatants (New and Old), Stages, Outfits and Extra stuff!!!
Re: Is there more DLC after Freddy?

I take EVERYTHING that Ed Boon says with a BIG bag of salt.

I highly doubt that we're going to see anything past Freddy.

You mad bro? I think Freddy looks awesome. And I do think we're getting more DLC.