Vote WHO WINS MKX match-ups!

5-5 Kitana Vs Kung Lao

Though both warrios are extremely skilled, what puts difference between two equivalents is the differences on their style. At the same time, their similarities speak very aloud. Master of the blades, extremely quick, some ability with wind, excellent fighters and honorable warrios. That would make both equivalent.
But what about differences? IMO, both are arrogant. Not annoyingly arrogant, but enough to make mistakes due to overcoffidence. Kung Lao is extremely overconfident, always wanting to prove to be already superior than himself, while thinking to be superior to his equals. While Kitana is not recognized with this adjectives, she still has this "princess" thing, so she thinks to be in somekind of hierarchy and also has the ego of someone who could teach respect.

6-4 Sonya vs Mileena:

While Mileena is not only a skilled fighter but very dangerous, and has no fear of brutally murdering, in fact, this is her way of fighting, I think Sonya would be in favor of this one. For similar reasons as above, Mileena is too overconfident of herself, while Sonya is a well trained, skilled and smart soldier. Two sais wouldn't scare her at all. It's not a surprise when you think that she is a common human that survived until the impossible.

4 - 6 Kano vs Reptile:

Another exemple of a brutal fighter, Kano has no fear of killing humans, don't have to mention non-humans. His cruelty would see no reasons to spare Reptile. Though this adjectives, Reptile is resistent, agile and have lots of surprises, while Kano is still limited to his human abilities, though they are impressive and powered by mechanical devices, Reptile is more than a human: he fights like a true animal. Kano is no mere fighter and wouldn't perish easily, but Reptile certainly would find the upper hand.
Kitana vs Kung Lao - 6-4 in favor of Kung Lao. Good match-up, could go either way....on second thought I think kitana takes it 6-4, final answer lol
Sonya vs Mileena - 7-3 Sonya. The way she just dominated Dvorah in the comic was very impressive. She seems to be getting stronger with age.
Kano vs Reptile - 6-4 in favor of kano. Reptiles speed would certainly give kano problems, but his strength, grappling, and devious mind gives him the advantage imo.
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7-3 Kitana vs Kung Lao

It sure doesn't feel that way yet, but I hope that's the sort of Kitana we get for MKX. She's 10,000 years old, for Chrissakes. She should have more than a trick or two up her sleeves. And with Jade's death, she might have the motivation she needs to become a serious threat. On the topic of overconfidence, I think dying will kick that out of both Kitana and Kung Lao's systems. Especially Kung Lao's - his intros aren't at all reminiscent of his younger self's reckless ways.

7-3 Sonya vs Mileena

Sonya has years of training, and whatever she lacks in ferocity she more than makes up for with tactics and strategy. Let's not forget that she survived the MK1-2 tournaments and the MK3 invasion, while Mileena's just a test tube baby. (OK, a very scary test tube baby bred for killing)

7-3 Kano vs Reptile

Forget "Dingo ate my baby," try "Kano ate my Reptile." Kano hails from the land down under, where animals are normally ten times more scary than their equivalent counterparts elsewhere on Earth. While Reptile might scare the bejesus out of most MK fighters, for Kano this isn't a fight, it's croc buffet.

More seriously, Reptile's biggest advantage is his animal savagery and his ability to blend into his environment. Well, Kano's no stranger to pain, and his visor upgrades should completely negate Reptile's camouflage advantage. I think the battle will be more terrifying than close.
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3-7 Kitana VS Kung Lao

Kitana was never very strong in my Book. She may
be slightly better then Millena, But you can't compare
here to Kung Lao. I Put Kung Lao on Goro level btw.

5-5 Sonya VS Mileena

Sonya May be deadly and experienced in combat,
but Mileena is Tarkatan, and was raised for killing.
I think this would be a very close one.

4-6 Kano VS Reptile

Kano sure is a dangerous guy with his body upgrades and viciousness.
He would make a tough fight , but he wouldn't last long against Reptiles
speed, scaled skin and Acid attacks.
3-7 Kitana VS Kung Lao

Kitana was never very strong in my Book. She may
be slightly better then Millena, But you can't compare
here to Kung Lao. I Put Kung Lao on Goro level btw.

So you think Kung Lao is stronger than the Great Kung Lao? Hmm, I don't know about that. TGKL was the greatest Earthrealm warrior of his time, and he couldn't beat Goro. Kung Lao isn't even the second most powerful after Liu Kang (Sub-Zero and Scorpion surely have that distinction). I dunno, I dunno.
6 Kung Lao - 4 Kitana
The only reason I give the advantage to Kung Lao, is experience :P

3 Sonya - 7 Mileena
C'mon she can teleport maaaan (If u played MK9 on expert using sub-zero u know what I 'm talking about...F****ng annoying Mileena :P )

6 Kano - 4 Reptile
Reptile was kind of stupid in MK9. I give the advantage to Kano cause I think he would have a strategy to take him out( Knife after knife after knife :P)
[MENTION=18661]p.W[/MENTION] If I can still vote for the previus fights:

4 Scorpion - 6 Sub-Zero
Don't forget that Sub-Zero went stronger and stronger in the "original mk timeline" while Scorpion was static. In MK Deception Sub-Zero kicked some asses.In the openning of MK9 story mode u see scorpion dead with an ice blade stuck in him.

4 Ermac - 6 Quan Chi
Although Ermac is my fav, I have to give this one to Quan-Chi. The guy plays tricks with your mind and he punches pretty hard as well. I think he would outsmart Ermac in most of the fights.

7 Goro - 3 Johnny Cage
I give 3 wins to Johny Cage cause his over-the-top confidence could lead him to victory. Ninja Mine (Make it happen :P )
[MENTION=18661]p.W[/MENTION] nice thread man!! :D
So you think Kung Lao is stronger than the Great Kung Lao? Hmm, I don't know about that. TGKL was the greatest Earthrealm warrior of his time, and he couldn't beat Goro. Kung Lao isn't even the second most powerful after Liu Kang (Sub-Zero and Scorpion surely have that distinction). I dunno, I dunno.

You have some good points there, but... The Kung Lao we saw in MK9
was kinda hot headed, and always wanted to proof himself. It was easy
to see that there was a rivalry between him and Liu Kang going on.

MKX Kung Lao seems a lot calmer and i'm quite sure the loss of Liu
Kang gave him some good reason to improve to maybe take his place.
I should have been more clear maybe. I wanted to say, i think MKX Kung
Lao is on Goros level. And yes, i think he surpasses TGKL.
But we will have to wait and see. :)
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6-4 Kitana- Like people said she has the experience over Kung Lao, and I'm sure she's a bit faster so I'll give the edge to her, but in a close battle.

7-3 Sonya
She survived the events of mk9 (which is more then Kung Lao, Kitana or Jax can say) So she has to be tough right?

6-4 Reptile
This was a tough one, part of me said Kano, but thinking of it Kano had problems with the faster fighter (Sonya) So I'll give it to the much faster Reptile
Kitana 5 vs 5 Kung Lao - They seem to be very even to me. Both use somewhat similar weapons, bladed and can be used for ranged attacks too, comparable in terms of the fighting options it gives them. Kitana has an advantage in experience due to her age, but Kung Lao should have an advantage in physicality with his Shaolin training and body build.

Sonya 6 vs 4 Mileena - Mileena could have more strength and durability on account of her Tarkatan blood, but I feel like Sonya's military training and combat experience evens things out. In a match Sonya should be smarter and better at keeping her cool which in my opinion giver her the edge, although Mileena's pink magic tricks will be very troublesome, Sonya has some magic attacks too.

Kano 6 vs 4 Reptile - Both are very comparable, fighting skills and laser/knives vs acid. But I think Reptile is the sort of enemy Kano can exploit. Kano is a cunning dirty fighter with "a knack for survival" and Reptile, although an experienced fighter, is nowhere near as resourcefull in ideas. Kano should have more raw strength too. "Give it up, lizard. I've studied all your moves. "
7-3 Kitana over Kung Lao.
According to MK9 at least, Kitana is a 10,000 year old assassin and Kung Lao's a kocky whiny little byotch. Also the only weapon lamer than fans is a pointy hat.

8-2 Mileena over Sonya.
Mileena is the one true empress of Outworld. Sonya is a MILF. Not a huge fan of MILFs.

6-4 Reptile over Kano.
Kano's a cool guy and all, and he could easily outwit Reptile. But my gut's leaning toward Reptile.

Sonya having the favor over Mileena?

9 - 1 = Mileena wins, no way a pathetic human can even think to win.
5 - 5 = Scorpion + Sub-Zero = they are both powerful on their own way.
7 - 3 = Kitana wins, Kitana's age makes her better suited for battle than Kung Lao, I don't see Kung Lao as 100% human though, the only 100% humans are Jax, Stryker, Cassie and Sonya.
6 - 4 = Reptile wins = A monster vs a Human, but Kano still would beat both Cage and Sonya with his inventions.
8- 2 = Goro wins, johnny is of course not a 100% human, he is bred by the gods to be their champion.
5 - 5 = Both Quan Chi and Ermac are very powerful.
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What exactly is a '100% human' because Kung Lao & Johnny are humans, nothing else. It doesn't matter what YOU consider them to be, they're human, end of story.

Kitana 7-3 Kung Lao
She's over 10,000 years old, she's royalty, she's an expert assassin who's probably killed/fought millions of people in her life time and she is an extremely talented combatant in general. Kung Lao is a c*cky 20-something year old monk with a sharp hat & mediocre (compared to Liu Kang and Kitana) fighting skills, need I say more?

Sonya 6-4 Mileena
As much as the queen of bias above me thinks that Mileena will win, there is no evidence to back this statement up, other than 'Sonya is human'. Not only is Sonya much older, she is intelligent & she possesses military training & experience, she's a lieutenant in the Special Forces and she has proven time and time again she's a powerful warrior. Mileena, on the other hand, is a Tarkatan/Edenian hybrid creature with the mental capacity of a small child and absolutely no training whatsoever. She relies on vicious & deadly attacks, which are extremely predictable, especially for someone as experienced as Sonya. Mileena would put up a good fight & it would be close, but Sonya would definitely win.

Kano 6-4 Reptile
Pretty close, but Reptile can't even win against Johnny Cage (or anyone), let alone Kano. Similar to what I said about Mileena, Reptile is ferocious and fast but he lacks the intelligence and wit that Kano has.
I'm still laughing over the fact that someone said Johnny vs. Goro was 10-0 in Johnny's favour. Surely you must be joking, right? I hope you realize the Mortal Kombat movie wasn't canon.
6-4 Kitana over Kung Lao.
Kung Lao biggest strength is mobility. Utilizing his Rolling Thunder, Dive Kick, and Teleport Kung Lao is able suffocate his opponents because he is able to start his offense without even being close to them. Lucky for Kitana she has those pesky fans which she loves throwing non-stop, these fans will cut off Kung Lao air mobility crippling his strongest strength leaving him having to play Kitana's game which is far from easy.

7-3 Sonya over Mileena.
Mileena fighting style revolves around being as random and as crazy as possible to keep her opponent from seeing her attacks with a barrage of mixups close up, and with her Teleport Drop/Rolling thunder from a distance which all lead to a world of pain if the person she is fighting doesn't see them coming. Sonya on the other hand is very smart, fast in combat, and hits hard, boy does she hit hard. Mileena won't last long depending on random gimmicks with a smart fighter like Sonya because all it takes is one mistake and Sonya will punish her whole life for it.

5-5 for Reptile and Kano.
Two of the dirtiest and lamest fighters in the MK universe right here. Nobody is more annoying than Kano in a battle constantly throwing knives and shooting lasers forcing you to approach him just so he can use his Kano up ball technique to hit you back so you can repeat the whole process again, plus his grapple attacks hurt hard. Reptile is no different, using his immense speed with his dash to prevent his opponent from even moving because their so focus on looking out for his annoying dash which is what reptile wants because now your not expecting his other tricks.
10 Kitana vs 0 Kung Lao: Kitana is the deadliest female of MK.

6 Sonya vs 4 Mileena: Mileena is a skilled fighter, but i still think that Sonya could manage to get more wins.

7 Kano vs 3 Reptile: Reptile has always been a punch bag, so...
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I'm still laughing over the fact that someone said Johnny vs. Goro was 10-0 in Johnny's favour. Surely you must be joking, right? I hope you realize the Mortal Kombat movie wasn't canon.

How did you NOT see this Flawless Victory with your own eyes? Flawless Victory means EXACTLY that, and THAT is why I said 10-0 Johnny. I mean, how can Goro win if he can't even get a damn hit on Johnny?

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I think it's funny how people say some fighters don't have a chance cause they are "human", uhh you do realize this is a fantasy world where the actual laws of physics and what is possible from a human go right out the window right?
For all the people saying SONYA is smart in battle =

She isn't smart, it takes her FOREVER to FREAKING even beat Kano.

She isn't smart, she's stupid. Just read the comic, she's haste, agressive and beats before she talks, she's the type that should be dead or die a gruesome death, not death is too good for her, and I would like a fatality-youtube-movie from 4 hours straight of only fatalities on Sonya Bland, I would suck it up and watch it forever.

And Edenian Child (your 18 wtf) ignore me in the future, you annoy me to hell and back.