Two new warriors

I edit your posts to make it easier to read by breaking up the lines =)

You should make a new line each time someone speaks and when you are describing things (take a look at how I broke it up to get an idea of what I mean). It makes it easier to read the story than to have it in one big chunk.

Hope you don't mind that I fixed it for you =)
Sindel: Who Is She?
Guard:She Said that she is from earth.
Sindel: Is she an enemy?
Guard:She said that she needs help and she is innocent.
Sindel: Very Well then...Maybe we can help.
After Karen explains how she got In Outworld/Edenia they try to help her out by saving her friend and turn her into a good Warrior.
Shao kahn-Well Erica early in the morning tomorrow you will start training.
Erica-Thank you master.
Rain: And who is this pretty lady?
Shao kahn: This will be our new assassin.
Rain: Nice Catch,Im am Rain.
Erica:Im erica from london.Rain gets down on one knee and kissed erica's hand.
Rain: It was a pleasure to meet you Erica.

Karen was being introduced to Princess kitana.
Sindel: Okay karen this is my Daughter kitana.
Karen: Oh Hello Princess Kitana Im Karen Andrews.
Kitana: Hi, you seem to have an accent where are you from?
Karen: Im from London.
Kitana: Is it Beautiful?
Karen: Yes i really miss it...And my family.
Out of Nowhere Lord Raiden Appears in Front of the three women.
Karen: Woah! How did he just...?
Sindel: We'll explain it later.
Kitana:What is the problem Lord Raiden?

Okay people I will edit this as soon as i can but for now i hope you enjoy!
This serious has great potential really, you just need more. Like one epic post instea of short interactions
This is definitely getting better. Perhaps if you can describe out certain events and conversations in detail like How they plan to save Erica, and a more touching conversation between Kitana and Karen it would be more delightful to read and also the reader will feel emotionally attached to the various characters. And as Yung said, a longer update will help as well. Other than that, Great Job so far. :)
Interesting. However, alot of your grammar is incorrect, there were many mistakes. Sometimes there were unneccesary capitalizations/or you needed capitalizations. And what's with the Sheeva/Reptile/Shao Kahn scene? The girls weren't scared of them at all? I also doubt that Sheeva would just straight out tell them her name and race.