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Shirayuki Mizore

New member
You should put up a vote to go back to the former censor system on words, and then revert back to the former system, even if the option doesn't get enough votes. That's what I'd do.

I don't think that's fair because it's pretty obvious everyone wants the former system.

So the poll would be pretty meaningless.


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Character specific sections for injustice? Every other fighting game site has character specific forums.


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Is there any chance we can get a few more emoticons?

for example: dat ass, wesker smirk, facepalm, and any more of what the community wants


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If someone can edit some, I don't think Pat will mind adding them in.

We need a CM Punk emoticon. Call it cmjade plz :)



New member
It was in your best interest to assist me.

That should be a emote if possible in anyway or form.

Metal Overlord

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Troll emoticon would be dope


^ I don't mind going to Smash Boards and copying and pasting the link to their smilies here like I just did up there, but it would be a lot more convenient for me if there were just one here, too

Dat ass emoticon would be even more dope, we all know I'd use it like everyday :laugh:


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No you wouldn't
Most of the booty that we post you claim as pocket booty.

A nosebleed emoticon as well :D

Sky Valley

New member
Thank Button in Neatherrealm.

Pat blocked it the first day the thank button was added cause people were over-using it, but being the first day of course people were gonna over-use it. Its almost expected that people are gonna try out something new alot the first day. And by now everyone is used to the feature and knows how to use it more wisely, so I think it deserves to be in the neatherrealm.


I agree. Thanks button in Netherealm would be great.

Also, sound boards maybe? Sound Effects, announcer, and names from Mortal Kombat?