The ugliness that is Deception's alt costumes


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I mean let's start from the beginning, right? Sub Zero's primary costume was weird at first, however it grew on me after a while and I think it's great now. But his alternate? My god what is this!? And the worst part is that I have deleted it from my memory, and every time I push the goddamn start button, I think I'll get the DA one, which is also amazing.

Scorpion's primary kind of bother me a bit. In reality the one I think it's his best is the MK4 one. IGAU is also great. But anyway, his alt costume is something resembling the one I think it's best, only it seems so ugly in this game... I don't know.

I really liked Raiden's transformation. But his alt costume is so stupid! And in armageddon it happens the same thing as with Sub Zero, I always think that I'll get the DA one which was also great.

I do not own a wii but What about Shao Kahn's stupid alt costume? They could have given him the one from the TV series which was good looking.

The list goes on: Darrius, Hotaru (same, on;y with mask. Great!), Shujinko (why not use the young version?)...

Sure some are great like Tanya's Jade's, I even think Sindel's is ok and Nightwolf's. But I think many of them are ugly and it's a little disappointment, in a very good looking game, imo. Am I alone in this?
I actually liked both of Sub Zero's costumes especially his primary in MKD. His secondary had quite an oriental feel to it, given the Lin Kuei are a clan based in China.
I don't know, I never liked it, plus I did not got why such a radical change. It felt way too awkward to have such different outfits for Sub. However his primary is great.
I always dug Subs primary in Deception idk why it was like love at first sight I guess lol same with Scorps Primary in Mkd (I do think his primary in Mkda is better tho) out of the alts My personal favorite is Liu Kang just because he is not a damn zombie lol but design wise I like Ermacs alt.
Liu Kang and Ermac are also some of the characters that have good costumes, primary and alternate. Actually Liu's alt is ok. And Ermac's is maybe better than the primary.

And Hotaru's it's not that it is good or bad, if you like the one you like the other, practicaly it's the same, though the alt one has a mask. So, no creativity here.

And what's Darrius' problem??
I loved Sub Zero's alt, bot as much as his primary, but anything where the MK team moves out of the ordinary BORING shit is always welcome to me.

Raiden's alt costume was obviously just too amazing for you to handle, so you didn't like it. Akuma Raiden, it gets no better

Deception has the best costumes in the MK universe, hands down, no contest. Maybe Shaolin Monks too.
Well I liked most primary ones and some alternates. I think DA had better alternate costumes. MK9 had better costumes I think, I can't think of anyone that I didn't like.

And if I wanted something else for Raiden I would play something else.
I loved most of the MKD Alternates.
Tanya's was sexy, my least favorite from her, but still sexy.
Sub-Zero..Did not like that. My least favorite design from him ever.
Shujinko's could've been better, when I had my first playthrough I kept wishing they'd given Shujinko one of his young attires to play as an alternate.
Scorpion's was okay.
Raiden's, I loved more than Tanyas.
Hotaru's was awesome. Made it feel like I was playing a Seido guard instead of him. But he's still my 5th favorite in the franchise so shade not intended.
Kira's was amazing. :love:
Kobra's was meh.
Kabal's, meh.
Liu Kang's was amazing. I hated the strange zombie look they gave him so I never played anything but his alternate.
Darrius' was HORRIBLE to me. I hated everything about it.
I could go on for all characters but I'd rather not lol.
The ugliness that is Deception's alt costumes



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