The best MK2 rumors you tried or almost beleived...

Kung Pao

When Jax's arm rip was added to the game, it was going around in the arcades that there was a way to make him beat you death with the guy's arms after you yanked them off. I felt the way I felt seeing Sub-Zero's Animality in MK3 when I saw the first video of Quan-Chi's MK4 Fatality, I tell you what.


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Here there was rumor about you can fight the hanging skeleton in Goro's Lair. But to do that first you need to go and fight against one of the secret characters and defeat him/her below that skeleton. Then the chains will break and the fight against the skeleton must begin.

Also there was a rurmor about a red ninja girl hiding in one of the stages :p 15 years later will know as Skarlet (?)
And i think was a secret fight with Goro or something like that.

Those were GOOD times.


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Someone told me that in addition to Friendships there were also "Deathships." I'm not sure what that implies.

Tarkatan Trash

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A friend of mine told me about this hidden character in MK2 named Bloody Mary. And I'm thinking, what the hell?! I faked believing it for about a month before completely forgetting about it.

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I don't think I ever believed any of the rumors because I have always been naturally skeptical but the best one I ever heard? Probably unlocking Kintaro by beating the game with each character one hundred times with no round losses.


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I remember my brother, sister, and I thinking that you could actually play as Noob Saibot, Jade, and Smoke if you beat them in their secret fights.


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A girl named Emerald was suppose to be in the game. The magazine said she had sais like Mileena and is wearing a green leotard.

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This game was legendary for myths and mysteries. Here are some that come to mind from my memory:

Deadpool hook fatality
Kano and Sonya being playable
Red Robin ninja?!

There are many more that I'm sure will surface if I truly think about it for a bit longer. Thinking about this game brings me back to the golden era of the early 90's.


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Guess I'll post this here. It's longwinded:


Only mistake I see is that 3.1 did not remove the Kintaro glitch where you can punch him in the corner for the win

MKII arcade had 6 different versions (more than SFII arcade)


Revision 1.1

The first public release. Despite this, it's very unfinished!

Free Play is enabled by default.
Almost all moves are implemented, but not many fatalities are in yet, and all the other -alities are outright missing:
Liu Kang is missing his Cartwheel Uppercut Fatality.
Kung Lao is missing his Dive-Kick and his Hat Decapitation Fatality.
Johnny Cage is missing his Head Uppercut Fatality, and as a result, the "3 Heads" version too.
Reptile is missing his Invisible Torso Rip Fatality, You can also do his Head Rip Fatality while Invisible.
Sub Zero is missing both his Fatalities.
Shang Tsung has no Fatalities
Kitana has No Fatalities
Jax is missing his Backbreaker and his Arm Rip Fatality.
Mileena is missing her Teleport Kick, Her Roll, and her Eater Fatality
Baraka is the most complete, he has all his Moves and Fatalities.
Scorpion is missing his Spear Slice Fatality, His Air-Throw works, but I was unable to get it to work against the CPU.
Raiden is missing both his Fatalities, His win animation also has no lightning and doesn't dim the screen, his Shock Grab is also ineffective against the CPU.
Kintaro and Shao Kahn are very difficult to beat, although Kintaro can be cheesed by just mashing punch the entire match.
No ending stories.
Several sounds missing (Sub-Zero's freeze, Baraka's blade swipe, All of Shao Kahn).
The Fatality jingle is missing, the stage's BGM carries on playing instead.
"Toasty" can be heard occasionally from uppercuts, but Dan Forden doesn't appear in the corner o the screen yet.
Kung Lao is extremely buggy, walls can block hat toss.
Shang Tsung had the ceiling walk bug.
Certain characters use alternate colors by default.
You cannot throw the CPU.
Fight ladder is static.
Player 2 always has the 2nd palette.
P2 Button 6 crashes the game. The cabinet doesn't have a Button 6 for either player, though, so...
Briefly locks up/No announcement if character(s) remain unchosen.
No Character Bios in attract mode.
EJB menu hasn't been implemented yet.
Oddly enough, the Armoury Floor bug with Reptile hasn't been introduced yet.
Kitana will return to her 1P palette after having her head eaten by Reptile.

Revision 1.4

Liu Kang now has his Cartwheel Uppercut.
Kung Lao has his Dive Kick move and is the only character on the game with a Babality.
Johnny Cage now has his Single and Triple Head Uppercut Fatality.
Sub Zero now has his Freeze Uppercut Fatality, although there are no chunks of ice when the opponent explodes, You can also do the Super Freeze during the match, most easily to a frozen opponent.
Shang Tsung now has his Invader Fatality.
Kitana now has her Kiss Of Death Fatality.
Jax now has his Backbreaker move, His Arm Rip Fatality has also been added.
Mileena now has her ground roll move and the CPU can also utilise her Teleport Kick, Her Eater Fatality has been added, but her Sai Frenzy Fatality has been disabled or had its button combination changed.
Scorpions Air Throw now works against the CPU.
Raiden's Shock Grab move still doesn't work against the CPU despite all other grabs/throws working, his Electro Explosion Fatality has been added.
Player 2 now only uses the 2nd palette during Mirror Matches.
Added the "DANGER" indicator.
Added the "Longest Winning Streaks" high score table.
Dan Forden now appears after a "Toasty" uppercut.
Scorpion, Sub Zero and Reptile all have corrupted Baby palettes.
Bio's and Endings added for all characters.
Still no "Armoury Floor" bug.
Intro Text has been Rewritten.
"Now The Kombat Kontinues" Text added to the end of the Intro.

Revision 2.0

Still no EJB menu.
Inserting Coins at various times during attract mode can produce interesting effects such as a full machine lock and reset, or the background being missing completely from the "Press Start" screen.
Kano, Kahn and Sonya added to "Kahn's Arena".
Added "Fall From Spikes" to the Kombat Tomb.
Added "Fatality" chime.
Battleplan Randomised.
Still no "Armoury Floor" bug.
Jade Added.
Smoke Added
Goro's Lair Added.
The Jade fight returns you to the fighter before the "?" theoretically allowing infinite Jade's.
Activating Smoke disables the screen lock, so the screen will continue scrolling until the "Congratulations" text appears.
No screen lock during the Pit 2 Fatality, allowing the game to scroll to far to the right or left and show there's nothing beyond.
Liu Kang now has his Pit/Spike Fatality, Babality and Friendship.
Kung Lao now has his Pit/Spike Fatality.
Johnny Cage now has his Pit/Spike Fatality, Babality and Friendship.
Reptile now has his Invisible Torso Rip Fatality, Pit/Spike Fatality, Babality and Friendship.
Reptile no longer has his Invisible Head Rip Fatality.
Sub Zero now has his Ice Grenade Fatality, Pit/Spike Fatality, Babality and Friendship.
Shang Tsung now has his Soul Stealer Fatality and Babality.
Kitana now has her Fan Decapitation Fatality, Pit/Spike Fatality, Babality and Friendship.
Jax now has his Pit/Spike Fatality, Babality and Friendship.
Mileens now has her Teleport Kick accessible by the player, her Sai Frenzy Fatality has been re-enabled,and her Pit/Spike Fatality, Babality and Friendship have been added.
Baraka now has his Pit/Spike Fatality, Babality and Friendship.
Scorpion now has his Spear Slash Fatality, his Anywhere Toasty Fatality, Pit/Spike Fatality, Babality and Friendship.
Raiden now has his Pit/Spike Fatality, Babality and Friendship.
Using Shang Tsung's Soul Stealer Fatality on Jax crashes and resets the game.
Using Shang Tsung's Soul Stealer Fatality on Mileena, Scorpion and Raiden gives a corrupted palette for some of the animation.
Using Kitana's Fan Decapitation on a 2P Kitana results in the 2P Kitana changing to the 1P palette.
Raiden's Shock Grab STILL doesn't work against the CPU.
Raiden's Win animation now has appropriate Lightning and Screen Dimming.
Shao Kahn now has Taunts and his Death Sequence.

Revision 2.1

The first "official" release version, ready for prime time.

Intro text slightly changed.
Text at bottom of the Versus screen changed from "Battlezone" to "Kombat Zone".
Added Reptile's slide.
Shao Kahn, Kano, and Sonya added to background in Kahn's Arena stage.
Ending story scenes and credits sequence added.
Computer AI has been improved.
Added nearly all of the standard fatalities, along with Friendships and Babalities.
Added the stage fatalities to The Pit II and Kombat Tomb stages.
Added Smoke and Jade.
Kintaro and Shao Kahn became easier to defeat.
Could keep Kintaro and Shao Kahn up in the corner by using repeated punches.
Could crash the game through baby brutalization.
Doing Shang Tsung's soul stealing fatality against Jax could sometimes crash the game.

Revision 3.1

More blood!!
Added the stage fatality to the Dead Pool stage.
Added Noob Saibot.
Added Raiden's "super uppercut" fatality.
Added Kung Lao's Friendship.
Added pictures of the developers after the credits.
Added the Revolution X ad and DCS Sound System logo to the Attract Mode.
Added a picture of a CD to the Comic and CD offer in the Attract Mode.
Computer AI has been improved.
Computer can now perform projectile moves in the air.
Fixed the "multiple babality" bug.
Fixed an exploit where you could beat Kintaro easily by repeatedly punching him in the corner.
Fixed Kitana's multiple fan lifts in the corner trick.
Fixed Sub-Zero "freeze - punch - freeze - punch..." trick.

Revision 3.2

This version appears to have been only released in Europe. Further details are unknown.


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If you can read this, you'll know what I'm talking about. Emerald was a RUMOR. Aight. ;)

I think Emerald can still be a character. JADE'S MOM can be her!!!!!!!! (The woman in Jade's MK9 and MK11 are confirmed to be her mother and she can be Emerald.) She should have similar moves with Jade but more focused on the Edenian Magic. Maybe a staff weapon but slightly modified and/or a whole new weapon.