So... has anyone come close to doing all those crazy combos themselves?

I just learn the basic move list & 3 hit combos for whichever character and then watch combo videos. You recognize every move and then just memorize the combo string and practice it. I need to practice more then I have been for sure though, I haven't sat down with it long enough to come up with my own combos (per say) but I need to.
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I keep having issues where I press a button in a move sequence and it just won't register. I'm hoping the controls are a bit more responsive in the final game.
Johnny Cage feels like a total hand-holding character in the demo. I am able to win easily on Expert without having to learn or consciously perform any combos. You just press buttons and he strings stuff together on his own.

Lol, that's funny.
I am doing 60% combos now but not to sure if they will be in the final build. So I am basically working on 30-50% combos. Love Sub-Zero Scorpion and Mileena. Not a big fan of Johnny still. He defiantly is the all around character though. Easier for beginners of the series or fighting games to get into.
I absolutely hate Johnny Cage, Scorpion and Sub Zero's playing style (I really wanted to enjoy playing as Scorpion so that sucks) so I'm maining Mileena and my highest combo is an x-ray finisher which lands 15 hits and 42% damage.

I can't seem to get the hang of rolling under an uppercut though, which everyone else seems to have nailed pretty quickly! I can just about roll under someone after I've sai-shot them in the air, but you got me stuck on the uppercut>roll. Infuriating!
Somehow without being able to figure out any combos that are over 20% I've been able to get expert ladder done with everyone. Now I just randomize and try to boost my skill
Somehow without being able to figure out any combos that are over 20% I've been able to get expert ladder done with everyone. Now I just randomize and try to boost my skill

well just because people can string together 10+ hit combos doesn't mean they can win; sometimes short and simple are the best. I know I have won on expert with all characters without doing much more then 4-5 hit combos every once in a while
sometimes short and simple are the best. I know I have won on expert with all characters without doing much more then 4-5 hit combos every once in a while

I agree. Short and simple wins. I normally keep the big combos (30-40%) on reserve until I absolutely need them. The thing to remember is that once we get online, a lot of advanced players will be able to spot these combos and break them pretty quick. A.K.A destroy you.
this is what i learned from tournament style players as far as their strategy goes, thus, my advice for anybody willing to step it up:

-Timing is key -- do not rush any attacks by pressing any buttons....know your character you choose very well to stay confident and on top of your game.
-Blocking is the most important asset -- I noticed in this game, you can avoid x-ray moves by simply timing when to block them. Also, know your enemies' highs, mids, and lows and therefore you will have a much easier time dodging their attacks if anticipated correctly.
-Combos -- Yes, i agree, simple combos are the best and if you know how to do the simple three hit combos then you are on the right track. Furthermore, if you know how to utilize those combos with a special move follow up then this strategy will also enhance your arsenal. The more complicated kinds are the juggle combos where you have to utilize timing as your main key, these types of combos in my opinion are the most satisfying type of gameplay of all in mortal kombat. With complex juggle/pop up/wall/special combos, you have proven yourself ready for ranked matches online.

This is the best I've gotten. I know I can get another punch>Teleport in, but haven't tried. I'm waiting til the real deal to get better at combos since a lot of this stuff is gonna change.
I think combos are cool and all....but when u are playing a real person i doubt u are gonna be able to pull off a 11 or 12 hit combo....unless they really suck..combo breakers.

corse you can, i play on expert and can pull off combos that use all 3 bars of the super meter doing 3 enhancors within the combo, which is around 10 - 12 hits usually, i have not played a real player yet but i know this is harder against a computer as the A.I can block moves instantly, pulling these big combos off against real players will be far easier even if they are really good, and i dont worry about breakers because i wait till they have not enough bars in the meter to pull off a breaker, and people will mostly only waste 2 bars to use a breaker if the combo looks like it is going to finish them completly, so you get away with full combos a lot more than you would think

in an advanced player match i think 10-12 hit combos will be the norm
I searched a bunch of sites for this but settled here cause of well Mk, I searched all those game sites about the gameplay 2 in 1's. It makes the combos a lot easier. Do a jump kick X with Scorpion and just press down back afterwords to do the teleport. Subzero combo triangle triangle Circle back forward to combo the slide in. don't need the Circle command with the move to make it happen. So subzero combos become jump punch Triangle Triangle d, f, X jump over Punch triangle triangle Circle back forward. To do the augmented you need the button presses, but it speeds up some of the variations.
Sorry if the special move combinations are well known, but I can't find any gameplay info that makes it clear that they exist...someone link me :)
Long story short, a lot of the special moves can be entered face button then direction controls.
I was finally able to play the demo at my brother's place since I have a 360. I was able to pull a few 30ish% and a couple of 40ish% with Scorpion. I think I'm going to have to get the new xbox controller, I don't think I'll be able to do as well with the current d-pad.
To reply to myself, apparently that's cancelling, and yes it's been discovered, and yes I am stoopit...


Still it makes combos kewl
That's good damage. That's where you want to be at. I have to get a new controllers myself. I have three controllers for ps3 and all the Analog sticks are messed up cause of Call of Duty. Messin with Mk matches. LOL
I wonder if Im a halfway decent player even if I cant do much more than 5-6 hits w/o using an x-ray

Ill do a move while the opponent is in the air but it never seems to register and Im definitely not too slow or slipping up on the buttons.
Practice, practice and more practice. Uppercut combos it seems like you haft to be positioned just perfectly with the wall to get over 2 uppercuts I just now started messing with it.

This is a pretty good source for combos, here is a Mileena compilation that helped me get good combos down. This guy has & does every kind of hit/dmg combo so check him out. He will have some sick tag combos like with Noobsaibot & Smoke, Kratos etc etc pretty quick after the game is released pretty sure.

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I agree with SaibotMK. TylerLantern on YouTube is the best at doing MK combos. He did them for MK VS DC Universe and is now doing them for MK9. Here is his latest video, and its just crazy with combos.

Plus TylerLantern does not just post combos, he posted tons of helpful strategys for MK VS DC Universe, and tons of high level online fights and he says he will be doing the same thing for MK9.
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