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It was by fate's cruel hands that I am recording these words. My humanity was lost when I allowed loyalty and pride to cloud my judgement. I took my own life in an attempt to free myself from my cold metal prison. It would seem as if my attempts were in vain.

August 12th 16:35 Hours: I have been sent on a reconnaissance mission to the abandoned Lin Kuei Temples in search of useful technologies. I have hopes that bandits have not completely ravaged these once sacred grounds yet.

17:01 Hours:No signs of anything noteworthy yet. Seems most of the weapons that were housed in the training rooms have been stolen. I have fond memories of these walls. Sektor and I would spar for hours on end. Neither being able to truly best the other. I looked up to him as an older sibling. I can never forgive the Grand Master's foolish Cyber Initiative for taking this away from us.

I do remember those times dear friend.I wish you knew just how much I curse my father's name for turning us into mindless killing machines. As assassins we killed without question, but we knew why we did it, the idea behind it that we were all in this as brothers. As cyborgs, we could only watch in agony as our bodies committed acts that no man with a conscious would even consider.

17:44 Hours: Sektor, what was it about these walls that made you so deluded? I am unable see anything in these decayed shrines that would force you to take such pride in them. To forsake your own brothers for the honor of a clan that was already drawing it's final breath. I still wonder if you ever felt regret for the fateful events that took place. If you ever even knew what feeling was again.

You could never understand. Being an outsider you were not raised on the same morals as I was. Honor was above all else. A man without honor is just a husk of a human being. Much like we were transformed into. Your upbringing in the Lin Kuei was a difficult one. Your parents murdered by our assassins, you being enlisted into our ranks. You always rejected our family. You and I grew a bond however.

18:39 Hours:The doors to the Grand Master's chamber are in sight. Being an 'outsider' I was never permitted access into there. I see the Lin Kuei has not kept up to date on their guard duty. The door is locked from the inside. Hopefully this room has yet to be ransacked.

18:42 Hours: My god, this room is in absolute dismay. The roof has caved in, snow has built heavily in the middle of this chamber. I expect searching this final area to be fruitless as the rest have been.

18:59 Hours:It cannot be! It truly cannot be! I believed it was merely a large amount of snow built up, it was actually Sektor's grave! A rusted sword lie deep in his torso, the robes of the Grand Master sit torn on his body, feebly blowing with the mountain winds. I must bring this back to HQ. There was hope for me, perhaps there is still some for the man I once called my brother.

Why did you have to come back Cyrax? I was finally at peace, and yet you allowed the commands of your new masters to disturb that. I find it hard to see how different we were Cyrax. It seems we both made mistakes that would come to haunt us.

August 15th 03:23 Hours: Jax said I was insane, and attempted to check my programming. I insisted that this was the right choice. He may have been a killing machine, but he still had traces of a man inside that shell. I was determined to get that back, the last member of my family back. Sonya questioned how I could have so much hope for the thing that took everything from me. She could never understand. She was more of an outsider than I ever was.

August 24th 18:00 Hours: We set Sektor on the operating table and connected his cranial wires to a Jax's computer while I worked through his chest cavity to maintain his ivitals. It took countless hours of nonstop work, but we finally got a pulse. His brain was only slightly functioning. Sending electric signals to all parts of his body. He began to spasm, flames shot out of his wrists, killing one SF scientist. I quickly disabled them before anyone else could receive harm. We were all fortunate I removed his missile munitions before the operation began.

August 26th 02:00 Hours: It took much convincing on my part to get the general to give the ok to finish this project, now titled 'Project Beelzebub' after that incident happened. But we progress.

Even in my slumber I take the lives of the innocent? This is why I must complete my task friend. This is the reason I was brought back. It was not divine intervention, it was not a punishment. This is a chance for redemption. I thank you for this brother, in the greatest way I know how.

August 29th 18:00 Hours: It is if I am witnessing my own reprogramming. His head seizes with each memory we transferred from his memory banks to his natural brain. Sektor will never truly be a human again, but he shall be close. His eye sockets are lighting up. He can see us now. He will most likely be overwhelmed with confusion and anger as I was. But Sektor was one of the strongest people I have ever met, he will overcome this.

Jax and I have to restrain him for now, he continues to make attempts of escape. We will wait for him to calm down before we inform him of all that has happened.

This will not be easy. Sektor has been traumatized by something. He keeps referring to 'ghosts' and how he can see them when he rests. He mumbles on and on. I am beginning to wonder if I made a mistake.

. . . . .It has always been said in war, the sacrifice of one man's life can ensure the survival of thousands.

August 30th 14:56 Hours: We have done it. Sektor seems to understand now what he is. No longer a machine to be commanded around, but a man that makes his own decisions. We asked him to agree to join us in our fight, as a chance to redeem himself for what he has done. He looked up at me for a while before agreeing.

September 4th 03:57 Hours: For being dead as long as he has, Sektor seems to have retained much of his knowledge of combat. We sparred just like we used to. Sektor was still getting used to mobility again. He seems different however. When I knew him as a man he was loyal, yet still was a person you were able to talk to. As a machine he was heartless, no remorse and non guilt plagued him. But as a free cyborg, he is something else. He is distant. As if he isn't in control anymore.

Trust me Cyrax, as a man I was not in control. Now my paths are clear and are mine for the choosing. I have chosen the one that is best for us al-


. . . . . . It is rude to interrupt.

September 11th 18:29 Hours: Sektor is more of a husk now than he has ever been. When not given a task he stands out on the base's roof, staring off into the wilderness. As if something beckons him. This was a waste of my time. The Special Forces just gained a new weapon. I still lost my brother...................................................................................................................................


No, you are wrong. They have gained nothing from this, but the Lin Kuei will receive the greatest of all gifts. An honorable death.

Sektor you don't have to do this!

Hush my brother, you are already dead. You memory banks have given me what I needed. I thank you for this.
Now, I pull this final wire here and you shall finally



I will bring your body back to the temple for your final burial. Soon after I shall retrieve all artifacts that the Lin Kuei ever existed, and bring them in for their final burial. The ghosts, Bi Han, Kuai Liang, you and I. The final pieces to the puzzle of the soon forgotten greatest league of assassins that ever lived.
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This was quite enjoyable.

Fan-fic said:
September 11th 18:29 Hours: Sektor is more of a husk now than he has ever been. When not given a task he stands out on the base's roof, staring off into the wilderness. As if something beckons him. This was a waste of my time. The Special Forces just gained a new weapon. I still lost my brother....

I rike that part.
Damn you for writing while I wasn't around to critique it. Now I've missed out on some of your progress. Quick, give me links!
It was pretty cool I'll admit. Like having an ice cream, licking it, then having it fall to the ground. A false hope that was amazingly portayed. Good job :D