Rebuilding Hsu Hao

Hsu Hao makes me think offensive thoughts that I refuse to post in a public forum. Maybe a steamy Hsu Hao x Mavado fic would change my mind.

Probably not.

Please, if anyone that read this actually writes that fanfic, at least have Hsu Hao and Mavado die at the end, painfully if possible.
he's into violent gay pornagraphy and wants you to create a love story involving Hsu Hao and movado

Now that's an amazing job on fixing the story of Hsu Hao. You gave him amazing personality and he definitely is badass in that story. You seriously brung his character to life. You do a great job bringing MK characters personality.
You're welcome! Your story is better than what I was planning on giving him. If you would like to see what I did for him here's my bio on him. I gave him that mean attitude based on a little bit on Master Tatsu from TMNT.

Name: Hsu Hao
Age: 37
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 245 lbs
Status: Mercenary
Affiliation: Red Dragon
Realm of Origin: Earthrealm (Mongolia)
Resides: Earthrealm
Species: Human
Alignment: Evil

Originating from Mongolia, Hsu Hao grew up idolizing the former emperor of Mongolia, Gengis Khan. As a child, his family moved to China and while in China as a child, he be became a soldier of the Chinese military. Because he had military experience since he was a child, he became highly skilled as a mercenary and quickly rose to the top to become the most skilled mercenary in army. He is known for showing extreme anger and extreme aggression. One day, while arguing with a fellow soldier he murdered him and was sent to a Chinese military prison. While in prison when he was awaiting the death penalty, he constantly fought many prisoners and he was known as the one to start them all. One day, he was outnumbered by 10 to 1 and was beaten until a mysterious figure came by and helped him. Together they defeated everyone in the prison and started a prison riot and escaped. The two fled and headed for Hong Kong. While in exile, the mysterious figure identified himself to be Mavado, the leader of Red Dragon Clan from Thailand. He vowed to have Hsu Hao to be second in command in the clan if he was to join. Hsu Hao didn't hesitate to join but with his own intentions to become immortal. As a member of the Red Dragon Clan, Hsu Hao was involved with illegal black market businesses and murdered many of those who were foes or against him. Because of that he became targeted by the Special Forces and set up by a mysterious figure from the Special Forces of killing a member of the rival Black Dragon Clan. While in Shanghai, he was attacked by 20 members of the Black Dragon but defeated them with one arm behind his since he is highly skilled in Sambo and Akido. After the assault, Hsu Hao seeked revenge to the clan that tried to kill him and rip off the head of then leader of the clan. Vengence shall be Hsu Hao's!
I like where your story was headed.

Could have lead to a 3way rivalry between Kano, Jax & Hsu Hao.
You see, I made Jax be the reason why the Black clan and Red clans got beef lol. He set them up so that way both would kill each other and making Jax get Kano and Mavado easier. Think of GTA San Andreas on how the Ballas set up the Grove Street Families to kill each other. Then the attack on Hsu Hao, leads to Mavado following Kano and learning about Outworld and Shao Kahn then sacrifices one of his members to Shao Kahn so he can attack Kabal and injure him with the help of extermination squads and disguised as one (in my story, thats how he got the scars and why Kabal joined the Forces of Light before returning to the Black Dragon because he thought he was betrayed by his clan and Shao Kahn since Kano was serving Shao Kahn at the time) and then taking his hookswords and disguising himself as Kabal to gain knowledge of the Black Dragon.
This one is possibly my favourite rebuilding concept. The Red Dragon being a counter group of the Black Dragon is a logical, more interesting alternative to their sudden appearance in MK that just being Daegon worshipers.

How would you explain his loss of a heart? Or is that erased altogether?