really beginning to hate online


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I've decided to take a break from MK9's online... I'm so tired of the lag ,moves wiffing when they shouldn't, people getting free JIP on reaction and Always feeling a second behind even with a wired connection 10 mbs speeds and up this games net code still lags. It's not fun and I've ranted about this before but I continued to play the game anyway so it's my own fault. If you want to invite me to a match that's fine but I'm done fighting strangers in the rooms. I can't take the immature dumb asses who dwell there anymore. The game just isn't fun for me as a competitive fighter when I constantly get ripped off. I don't mind if I lose to a better player but there's a lot of BS that people get away with online. I wish I had a offline scene here but the closest one is 3 hours in closing I'm done with this garbage time to play something else for a while.


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you have fun playing games when I host them with a bunch of good manner'd players?
You guys here at TRMK are fine I'm cool with you streaming whatever you want but i'm done with the strangers in the rooms that's all I'm saying. The king of the hill stuff that you hosted was fun and I look forward to rematching your Noob, Jade, and Ermac.


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I don't really find very much lag anymore after forwarding my xbox live ports, assigning my xbox a static IP and enabling SYN Cookies/DOS attack protection. Now the only people who lag are really either just far away, or have crappy latency on the way to you over the network.

I think it's the best MK so far, but it's not without it's flaws. For example, you shouldn't have to be a chess master to figure out how to block against each individual character. I can understand offense getting pretty complex with advanced combos and juggles, tag combos etc... but I think defense should be simplified more. It's really a barrier for new people. I think what would help is getting pushed back a bit when your punches are blocked to kinda give the other person a better chance to counter as a reward for blocking at the right time, a little bit sorta like when you punch people in mk 2 repeatedly. That would negate situations where you're forced to block over and over just because you didn't fall down, like johnny's nut punch at the end. The simple act of making the guy fall over would give people a better chance vs each other. When I first started (a little less than a year ago), everyone already had their cheap tactics nailed down, so I had to fight many times to *understand* just why I was loosing or getting hit in the first place before I could come up with tactics to counter. The understand part is what got me. it's almost anti-human, for the most part if something comes at us, we can curl up to protect ourselves instinctively. I felt like that wasn't there when I started, attacks that looked high, hit low, all kinds of strangeness to adapt to.


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I disagree I don't think MK9 is very discourging to new people at all. This game is ALOT more simple in execution and understanding, than many other fighters.


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Defense is fine lol. If there weren't any barriers to jump, the game would be boring and braindead. You can figure out how to block a character after like 2 or 3 matches. Every barrier you have to jump makes you grow as a player. For example, when you learn how to defend yourself, a whole new set of options are opened up to you like punishing, baiting, armour parrying.... winning, etc.

Everybody was a new player at one point, so if the good players have jumped over the barrier, why can't the current new players?