PS3 Users - Do you use the analog stick or the D-Pad?


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Re: PS3 Users - Do you use the analog stick or the ...

Analog stick.

That's why I'm gonna whip your booty! ;)

I use the D-Pad for all my fighting games. Precision and speed as well as better move buffering.


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I tried to do scorpions spear with the analog just to see if its possible and it was unnecessarily difficult


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Both. I use the Analog Stick to move left and down. I use the D-Pad to move right and up.


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I'm happy seeing that so many of you use the d-pad. I thought I was weird for using it... Shows how much I know.


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A mix of both. For example, when I want to pull off Scorpion's Spear special attack, I use the D-pad, because I have no idea how to pull a double-direction input with the analog (enlightenment would be nice, haha).

If I wanted to do a special attack with Hadouken-type directional input, I use the analog.

It works for me, I guess. :)


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Haha alright good. I was wondering that the whole time I was playing the demo.. I just recently started using the D-PAD.

& Let me tell yeah... It is SO much easier.


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Dpad unless I have a move like Zangiefs in SF where you have to do 360 rotations, don't think there are any of them in MK9?


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a friend of mine has a PS3 and i must say.. when i would play against him, it is definitely easier and better to use the D-Pad.. my thumbs would blister after a couple hours.. but its still better to me when executing combos, cause the D-Pad is more precise imo.. Xbox should take notes on making a better D-Pad cause the new one looks useless to me! (that's just my opinion!)