POST your Mortal Kombat FATALITIES real or fake, pics or GIF


if he hates Scorpion so much, Why did he steel his idea?
I don't really think this fatality is good but i think it's worth a try for me.My First Fatality made with Reptile
Note:If you are wondering why the skull shows up and not the head,it's because there was an error with my animating system so sorry about that,anyway.


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    Reptile's Triple Bomb Fatality.gif
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Re: ....anyone else want to post anymore

To angelsmommy2002,i have here a fatality that i hope you like,please tell the others about this


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Cool fatalities groundzero, but you do know angelmommy hasnt' visited here since 2004? And anyway, she didn't create those ones she posted.

Either way, nice to meet you.
To all who visit this. Once again I'm back and now made a fatality with Scorpion. I hope you like this.


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Anyone else want to post more, aside from fatalities

ANYONE can do others
like Harakiris,friendships,fiendships,animalities,creative brutalities and stage fatalities
Anyway you guys want
Re: .....


Keep them coming....

I will post one every time someone else does....



Yo man! They should have made that his fatality, It makes more SENSE then Mileena's MK2 Fatality! Excellent work! Do you mind if I modify this and add some extra blood effects to it?... Trust me, if you visit the link in my signature, you will know that I make shit look good! Of course it looks great as is, but I just want to add some of my touch to it. Who knows, you may like it and decide to perhaps work together as a team on some animations....

Alright, just let me know then in a PM