POST your Mortal Kombat FATALITIES real or fake, pics or GIF


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Post your MK Fatalities Real ones or Fake ones, pics or motion frames.

Even friendships babalitys and stage pits if you like.

Also does anyone have a fatality screen saver? Im going to try to make one.
These are the only fakes I've ever done (I cut everything out myself which is why it kinda looks like crap):





I also posted these on the last incarnation of this board, but I doubt anyone will remember that.
I like it....i have about 20 pictures...fakes that i made...most, copy and past, but ill post them for fun...later! Now, im off to download some black emtal and rap...for people who like it
Re: .....

angelsmommy2002 said:

Keep them coming....

I will post one every time someone else does....



You did that? Damn, that's really good, man.
What the fuck?

Angelmommy, quit with this 'fake pics and animations' bullshit, you didn't make a single fucking one of those.

You did this on MKO, and it ain't welcome here either. People are welcome to browse fakes and animations on other sites, without you constantly posting the same stuff over and over again.

You are NOT Setter, Didier R Collar OR the shirt ninja, so lay off this fucking act.