*please read* official formatting for character threads

Well, for my threads that I have done Reptile, I posted the characters gameplay style in generalization, cuz I can't quite see any specific strategies when it comes to specific matchups.


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For people who want to make a thread on a character, if you don't have the patience to make a thread with this layout, please don't go ahead and make a thread, it will just end up being locked.

If you would like to simply make a thread discussing a character in general, please refer to their already created thread in the Kombatant section. Otherwise, please make sure your threads follow the guidelines.

Also, please don't ask a mod to sticky it if it is a half-assed thread. Follow the format. Put all of the info required and THEN ask. We aren't just going to sticky anything and everything. It's fine if you reserve a second or third post for videos but haven't posted the vids yet, it's just the main part we are looking at, so please follow the format so your chances are better at getting a sticky.


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Just something I would like to add as a request, please, if you are going to do a character thread, include more than just a move list with custom combos.

We need strategies and the like.

Please don't just be a copya pasta, add your knowledge of the character to your thread.


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Is it me, or is my Mileena Thread probably the wordiest out of all the character guide threads? I'm not even sure how it ended up getting so wordy. I think it's even wordier than Zephna's masterful Jade thread.