Passing the torch isn't the theme, extinguishing it is.


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I play MK and fighting games in general for the story, endings and unlockables. I wouldn't think of playing MK competitively.


Honestly, if MKX didn't have a story mode, I wouldn't be buying it at all.

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I'm gone for one day and you're a Mod? What'd I miss?! Also grats.


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[MENTION=5107]Taj Gill[/MENTION] please be the same man. This won't be the same if you go inactive.

Don't let the power of the kamidogu corrupt you lol.

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LOL [MENTION=17968]Cryo[/MENTION], I promise to use my power to right the wrongs of TRMK. I'll still be the same poster regardless.


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I like the idea of the game taking a darker turn that what most are expecting. I think it would be a great twist if the newer Generation got themselves in a predicament and IMO Kung Jin was to die. Therefore the Veterans keeping themselves around longer bc they feel they youngins aren't ready for this task.


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Idk I see them as one by one systematically killing all evil characters that posed a threat to Armageddon, so to make headway for newer villains like Liutana, Dark elder god Raiden, and the one being.