Official Xbox 360 Gamertag Thread


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Saix88 - I'm average looking for some above average players to play against with jax only. I need to focus on getting better with just one character, so I chose jax.


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Gamertag: Wushu Fighter
Sektor, Reptile, Jade, and Rain.
If my list is full just message me so I can make room for you.
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ALIENQUEEN666 yah I know it's because I love the alienqueen from aliens that I use that name as my gt people send me hate mail online don't know why it bugs them so much it's funny to listen to there bs xD anyways I mainly use Shang Stung Scorpion Reptile Mileena and a little bit of Kenshi but don't bother challenging me I got the ring of death so until I get a new sexbox I'm cursed to miss out on mk for who knows how long :,(


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i thought this was reader's digest online games, who are you people? what have you done with reader's digest?

Fabio Said

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Sektor, Sub-Zero, Kitana, Ermac, among others are my favs.

Always looking for a nice and friendly match!

Add me ppl!