Official Ultimate Mortal Kombat Friends Codes DS Thread

Haven't actively played UMK3 until I picked up UMK on the DS here, but I'm all for a challenge, even if it means getting my ass kicked:

Nickname: Justin / FC: 219184606032
my freind code is 266435472081. PLEASE add me Ive added most of u:hail::-D:sleep::hmmmm::ciao::pimp::mrgreen::_evil:
Mine is in my signature

I have added all of you.

This is awesome i only have space for 3 more people.come on people add me!!
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Kombat Name: MAtrix ONE

Fav characters: Sub-Zero-Night Wolf

Craziest Combo's I can pull off are!

Human Smoke: Rush in Hk,Lp, drop kick, shadow punch, spear, Hk,D-Lp, D-Hp, Uppercut on Jax, Ninjas, Striker, Night Wolf, roundhouse for the rest. 48% Once this one starts just pop some popcorn and watch lol.

Night Wolf: Rush in Lk, Hp, Hp, Lp, hatchet-Hatchet, Run in Lp, shadow charge. 50% Most of the time I get the standing Hk afterwards for insult to injury lol.

Sub-Zero Classic: I call this one WAKE-UP. I have never seen anyone do this against me, but rest assure I have and will when we meet if you have no blocking skill! Freeze, walk up touching, step back to ussure a combo won't start, 3x Hp, you will stagger, Freeze, walk up, Jump landing a Hk, Hp, Hp, D-Lp, D-HP, drop Kick, slide. 71%

I take turns picking characters to make share each guy gets his best!

If you stall me with waiting in game selections! I will post here about it so others know you're a poor loser that can't and shouldn't play UMK 3.

So you can post your friend codes here, or send to

Just give me the times you want to play, and lets enoy our fights!

Matrix One

P.S. Miss spin is a sick player no doubt, but she's beatable. We both stand even at 2-2 I was using screen name tenderfoot! I think she's using a R-4 though! she has a feature that gives unlimited imput those spins are always ready to go!

You hear me miss and the me will meet again!
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:-DHey Everyone!
My name is Dakota and i play UMK3 for the Nintendo DS!
Please add me! My friend code is 395302181303

I also play UMK3 on the xbox360. My gamertag is MK Dooky4u
2063 4067 5042 please add me if you do not disconnect or use the same character over and over
I actually prefer random select

I'm Teon and I'm from Croatia.

Yes I know this isn't an introduction thread but I wanted to introduce myself (my 1st post)

What I really came here for is, to ask do you people still play UMK on DS?

I haven't been in touch with MK for a long time (since went down :( ) and though I played MK 1 - 4 (PC only) I was never a competetive player.

That might change, because I'll be buying a Nintendo DS Lite and UMK3 for it so I'll be needing someone to play with, someone to teach me ...
Okay I can't remember how to do this... I only ever did this once. Lol.


Is that correct?

Either way Wi-fis not working right so I've got to get that sorted.
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no players around?

yo guys, i just bought my UMK for the DS, but cant find any playaz worldwide nor rated, so i will put in your and hope...

my code is:


Fight me!