Official PlayStation Network Username Thread


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lex_lutha111384 baby!!!! look for me.....I'm also down for any takers who wanna get schooled on MKII

I'm always for some classic Mk-II, add me plz...I'll look for you all the next time I'm logged in...

My strongest MK2 character is KITANA I think...

Same thing with you amadasan and RyanRagnarok, plz add me/look for me if you want.

PSN: cleverestx


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I am LBigBurrito

If you are into fighting games such as SSF4, MKvsDC, Tekken 6, MK9, etc feel free to add me =]

Tanyas Husband

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My PSN: iiAkii
I love friends, and Enemies, So add me and tell me who you are on here.
I play ALOT on PSN so Don't expect to be lonely. :ftw:
Kombat Begins 4-23-2011!

Why 4-23-2011 and now 4-19-2011???
Well, I have to have a chance to unlock Baraka and Sheeva before I fight if they are not unlocked already. (Also Additional ERMAC)
Also, Since I'm here with Fellow PSN Members, I'll mention the names of people I'm fighting in April. :)

Challenges Set Up:
Baraka2011 & Brianminor25/Brian_Minor (IRL Brothers & In Kombat Brothers)
Aldo Moreno & Chocolato08 (IRL Brothers & In Kombat Brothers)

Baraka2011 VS MileenaK (Friendly Battle)

Baraka2011 VS MK_Reaper (Scheduled)

Baraka2011 VS asddgd (Challenged)

Baraka2011 VS MKASSASIN (Friendly Battle)

Anyone else from my PM's or in Aldo's Previous threads, If I'm missing you, Please Quote me or so!
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My psn is JezusJuice62, Anybody feel free to add me if they wanna play. I'm looking for some good tag team competition, my friend and I will be playing from my console and I would love to play some of you guys. Also I'm always down for some good old 1 on 1 as well.


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PSN: Skcorpion86

Its not cause i play as scorpion a lot.........ok yes it is. What can i say, i want to change it but i can't without losing all my trophies. Soo i'll just keep it. Its nt really all that bad anyway, i've seen worse. lol

I will be playing a lot of Mortal Kombat online and offline. 1v1...2v2 I will be doing it all. I need more mk friends though. I really only have one lol my tag partner. Imma get him to join TRMK too.

If you want to add me, then send me a request (just say ur from trmk), but my friends list is currently full so i need to delete a bunch of people if im going to add some of you guys.


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Just mention TRMK in the request message so I know where you're from.

Take a look at my profile to see what else I'm multiplaying at the moment.

See you all online on the 19th!


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all lowercase

games I play online:

Naruto ultimate Ninja storm 2: Tobi

BlazBlue Continuum shift 2: Bang/Carl, will be using Trinity too.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Viewtiful Joe, Spiderman, Spencer

Super Street Fighter 4: Cody or Dan

And of coure Mortal Kombat 9: Stryker and Reptile

feel free to add me.