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Patrick McCarron

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If you are getting Mortal Kombat (2011) for the PlayStation 3, then share your username here to find opponents to fight against.

Mine is in the bar on the side, but we also setup a TRMK account: TRMKombat


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I've got my pre-order placed. When it comes out, I'm EndangerMe (as it says on the left). I don't play online a lot, but this is a game I probably will.


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Just as my TRMK username and sidebar says, mine is Araknyd03

I'm not much of an online player, but every so often I may stop in and play MK 9 online.

As with previous MK installments, I usually stick to offline Arcade Mode, Konquest / Story Mode, unlocking stuff in the Krypt and playing locally against friends.
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MK9 will be mine as soon as it's buy-able! :)

PSN: rinc-e

I'll probably end up spending most of my free time online after beeing done with story/unlockables

edit: since I don't know about online realms. I'm on EU..
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Umon Daisuke

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I'm on during weird hours until May at the very least. Basically 3:00AM to 6:00AM or so, and typically evenings after 6:00PM on Wed and Thursdays (all eastern time)


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Same as here, LeoBrZ81. Play a lot of MKDC to pass the time, and definitely gonna get into MK2011 online as soon as I get my new Sonya strong enough to go.


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Nice. my psn is thelombax; lost a bet with a friend so I had to use that name lol. Looking forward to playing you all and having a great time :) Add me if you want. Tell me who you are though.
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I mostly text and smoke during gameplay, so don't beat my ass too hard...

I will also be maining Noob Saibot...


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Dope, my PSN is on the left, but for those too lazy to look over there it's xDCP

I'll be playing online in preparation for Evo so yeah just add me. I also play MKII on there so if you have that, add me as well.

Craig Dobson

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another pointless thread along with the GAMERTAG one...
look to the left, AND CHECK THE USER DETAILS... if you want people to know this..put it in your BIO!



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Good idea this thread, my ID is Etryus. Feel free to add me. It will be my pleasure to fight you guys in april.
Unfortunatly I will be on a buisness trip from april 13th till april 30th :( , so I won't come online immediatly.
Looking forward to exchange hits with you. Until then ...

another pointless thread along with the GAMERTAG one...
look to the left, AND CHECK THE USER DETAILS... if you want people to know this..put it in your BIO!

When the game will be released, it will be easier to find IDs in a single thread instead of searching the whole forum to find some.


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True, It'd be a hell of a lot more easier to find them in a thread then elsewhere.

PSN: AcidKid90

I think I may have a few of you guys already added, If not feel free too, I'm always looking for a game of MK2. I'll be online as soon as MK comes out, looking forward to spending alot of time on the game ( School Works not really that important mannnnnnnnn! ).


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PSN: gameroftheash

It's kinda lame but I made it up a few years ago. I don't play online that often, but with the new Mortal Kombat, I probably will play online more often.